Our Texans can still have success!

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Sep 25, 2006.

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    Our Houston Texans are currently 0-3. We have been doing more bad than good things these first three games. We just need to stick together. Stick together as a team and stick together as fans.

    I am a very optimistic person, as you likely already know. However, I truly believe we can and we have some success this season, and it will start to show in the win column. The players are getting tired of losing, and I think this is a good thing. This will drive us harder in practice. This will motivate us to become winners. This is a very good thing to see the players starting to let off a little steam in the post-game interviews.

    I am very proud of Coach Kubiak for taking some blame in the post-game interview as well. He said he was at fault for a good amount of the things that went wrong Sunday, and i credit his accountability. He is angry, and all we need to do know is transfer that angery in the players and coaches and translate it onto success on the field and determination, which I think we will.

    This, in my mind, is just a bump in the road (the 0-3 start). Call me a home or whatever you want, our day will soon come.

    I have said it all along, and I espically say it this year: we have the right front office, coaches and players to win. We will soon win. We will win some this year, and we will get better next year. It takes patience with new coaches and players, espically the younger players. We need to demonstrate patience, as hard as that may be in times like these.

    Mario Williams is not a bust. David Carr is not a bad quarterback. We have played 3 games, 2 of which against very good teams. We also have a new offensive and defensive scheme. Again, this will take time.

    The key for us fans is to grow up, be positive, and show patience. Show some class and stop posting negative garbage on this board because it is accomplishing nothing.

    We have a game next week against the Miami Dolphins who are coming off a win. It will be a challenge. It will be a big game for our Texans, to try and get some big momentum heading into the bye week.

    Again, we as fans must stick together and be patient. Our day will come!

    GO TEXANS:ok:
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    Thank you for your excellent post... As a Texans fan living way up here in Nebraska, I have been watching this board for 2 years (but a fan since the begining), and have noticed pessimism and anger that is not needed. Instead of getting mad and bent out of shape over the problems the team is having, feel proud that we HAVE a team. Here in NE we have NO pro team, all we have is the Huskers... New Orleans has been in danger of losing the Saints for years (I lived there in 2001 and Benson has been looking for an excuse to move it since then, and the only reason he didn't this year was political pressure). Sure the team isn't clicking right now, but they will, we just have to be patient, not to mention supporting them. Mario hasn't been stellar yet, either he gets better, or he doesn't, but getting red in the face isn't gonna change that. Should we have taken Bush? I still think no, at the time we thought we had DD, but that doesn't matter a RB would not have made us win, there were/are too many leaks on this ship (D-line, O-line, CB, SS, FS, LBs...etc), RB wasn't top of that list... Was DE? Mebbe, mebbe not, but regardless we can't go back, and can't change it. We have a QB whom I believed the first time I saw him could be one of the greats... still do, given we can keep him off his back and get rid of his gunshy-ness. We have AJ, whom even Randy Moss believe is one of the best in the league, Moulds an excellent reciever, Dayne, the NCAA ALL TIME rushing leader, Dunta a great CB, DeMeco who is turning into a great LB. SUPPORT THEM! FEEL PROUD OF YOUR TEAM! You never know when you could lose them. The pieces are falling into place, but no puzzle comes together without work, no quick fix to be had. Work is what we need, work and faith. Faith in our coach, faith in our QB, but most of all faith in our TEAM. Cause we could always use a team in NE, if you don't want them, we'll take them. Signed, rain or shine, NebraskaTexan

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