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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansBull, Jan 4, 2010.

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    I dont post often but I am an avid reader of this board. I want to say congrats to everyone for enduring this season. The board can be divided in opinions at times, but thats what makes it great. Congrats to everyone enduring another up and down season, and our first winning season.

    Most of all, I want to say how exciting it is to be a Texans fan. We are building a great story here, and I think people are starting to appreciate it.

    Would it been great to be a winning team every season and go to the playoffs and contend every year? Sure. We wouldnt appreciate though. Not as much as what us as fans and what some of these players like Andre Johnson have been through.

    Look at Dallas. Playoffs every year. Out every year in the first round. Similar to our Rockets. Pittsburgh. Won a Superbowl last year and we finished better, technically. Think about a Dallas fan, and we all think "well thats a band wagon team easy to root for." Pittburgh is the best poster child of a blue collar team and a glamour pick. Texans, man its hard sometimes to be a fan. Thats what makes us great.

    The Colts and Patriots have quarterbacks that are rare. However, they have been to the bottom of the league, paid there dues,and now on top. Those fans, the real ones, who go to the games, watch on TV, and have the old jerseys they wear, those guys appreciate the wins. We certainly have paid our dues, and we are on our way to a similar path to the top.

    Sorry to make it so long, probably why I dont post often, but man am I excited to be a Texans fan.

    Next year we have proven playmakers, young ones entering thier prime, a HC who hopefully learned a lot this year, a GM who can find solid players, an owner who wants to win (incentive to resign players and open the pocket book in an uncapped year.) And these players, like Andre, Chester, Matt, Demeco, Owen, and even Dunta, if he's back, never are going to want to go back to .500 and below. Thats what we need, a taste of what its like to be a winner.

    The point I am making is our journey has been long, tough, emotional at times, but its a good one we are starting. Congrats to all the fans that have stuck it out. Even the debbie downers.

    This is our story as fans. I am proud and excited of this team. Aint you?
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    Spoken like a true Texan!

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