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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Imatexanfan, Oct 31, 2006.

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    It really amazes me how stupid, ignorant, and fairweather a lot of Texans fans are mostly on this board. Last week after the Jax win all I saw were topics praising Carr and how everyone thought this was where he turned it all around. Now he plays one bad half of football and your back to bashing Carr and saying how he is going no where with this team. You tend to ignore the fact that two of his three turnovers where caused by him getting blindsided so not totally his fault. You forget that when he was pulled he had completed 15 of 21 passes with one INT that was inexcuseable. And you also forget that he has still completed 70% of his passes this year.

    Rosenfelds played great I can admit that but many of his passes were not accurate and he showed a lot of weaknesses that if he started after watching films any NFL team could easily expose. Kubiak knows whats best for this team which is why Carr is still the starter. Our defense is finally playing good and we have had a running game the last two weeks. If Carr still struggles with those two aspects of the team stil performing over the next couple of weeks then fine bench him.

    But if he keeps putting up numbers and the Texans get some road wins then there is no reason to believe that Sage could do it better. Besides most 2nd string QBs in the NFL can perform almost as well as the starters (Huard for KC, Gerrard for JAX, and Batch for PITT) so not to take anything away from Sage but Carr is still the man and has been all year. :twocents:

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