OU win has Texas bound for Fiesta

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    Look on the bright side, Texas.
    It's a dry heat in Arizona, and Texas will be plenty hot under the collar. It will probably get to play Ohio State, the BCS poster boys for bridesmaids. And the Fiesta Bowl will be an actual BCS game, the Longhorns' third in five seasons.
    But one of the best teams in college football almost always gets a lump of coal this time of year, through no fault of its own. It's just Texas' turn in the coal bin.
    This year it will almost certainly be the Longhorns who get the back of the hand today from the BCS computers and voters, who put more emphasis on December than October. If the rest of sports had adopted this attitude and been this dismissive of the 10th month of the year, no one would have ever heard of the New York Yankees.
    So sorry, Texas.

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