One last Mock with the idea twards two trades.

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    A lot of us have talked about trading down from 27 into the early part of the second round .... I'd like to add to that trade back , a trade up into that range after trading back - ending up with three picks in the 2nd , two between 37 & 45 along with their own #57.

    Wont get into specific teams who could be trade partners , that is just a shot in the dark ....

    Trade back from #27 nets a 2nd and a 3rd. leaving the team with two 2nds and two tradable 3rds along with the comp pick in the 3rd.

    Second trade - moving up gives up two of those #3's to get back into the top half of the second round. Now they have three #2's and the comp pick #3.

    Sticking mostly with the guy's I got in the TT Mock but addressing OT , WR and DT with premium picks.

    2A Kawann Short - sticking with the guy I got in the TT Mock but several picks later.

    2B Terron Armstead - OT Arkansas Pine Bluff. Very athletic solid fit for the scheme. My favorite OT in the draft after the two elite guy's who will go very early in round 1.

    2C Again sticking with my choice from the TT Mock - Da'Rick Rogers WR Tennessee Tech. The best tools of all the WR's in this draft. If not for the headintheassitus he had at Tennessee he would likely be the first WR taken and might be a top 5 pick.

    3rd comp pick - Cornelius Washington OLB Georgia. A few guy's I'd prefer but most were gone in our mock , I think this is a realistic choice.

    4th A.J. Klein, ILB, Iowa St. Coverage ability and great value this far down.

    At this point you have filled all the major needs of the team other than a young safety with premium picks. Beyond this point , I'd be looking for a DE , safety , TE and possibly a RB.

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