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    So we have the hellish battle staring us in the face here in Houston coming this Sunday. We've taken a few blows our pass two games and it's easy to see that Daniels' injury is hindering out offense with how many points we score and how effective we are at getting the big play that we use to live off of. This team is young and with the players we have the talent is there and we are becoming consistent especially in these pass few weeks...we've just been stripped of wins because of the way in which things have bounced our way.

    Four games...four games we've lost because we've not had the killer instinct needed to go for the win:

    Jaguars - We have Brown Fumble the ball on the one and regardless of what Kubiak thinks it was not a goalline situation. We should have had Slaton back there and it should have been a pass play instead of that run that was.

    Cardinals - Again, we are stuffed, Meyers gets destroyed and Chris Brown doesnt have any kind of leg drive to get anything going.

    Indy Pt. 1 - We played pretty damn good considering how horribly undisciplined we were. We should have absolutely won that game but once again, the curse of Kris and Chris strikes us down at the most in opportune time.

    Titans the final
    e - We played well though I've seen us play a hell of a lot better than what we have in the pass. Vince Young didn't beat us he has just learned to be the Trent Dilfer of his team and not try to do it himself because he knows that he can't if he does--I.E. his fumble. He is Donovan Lite able to move out of the pocket when he absolutely needs to get the first which gives his team a chance. He won't win it with his arms but he will get them a good chance with his legs and that's exactly what he did this game.

    Peyton and company are coming off another tough game against the Ravens that they pulled off. Its the same team we played in Indy but we are playing them in our house this time. If we can make adjustments and play as well as we did the first game without the penalties and mistakes theres a good chance that we will come out of this game with a win. Hopefully Jacoby Jones is available for this game because its quite obvious that we need his playmaking ability opposite of Johnson. He has made all kinds of strides this year and if we can just get him out there to stretch the field a bit then that makes the offense that much better. Defensively, our team has been solid...in the Titans game yeah Johnson had 150 yards but the majority of that came on two big runs by him which you knew he was going to break off eventually. Overall though, the Texans held him in check..consistently stuffing him at the line or at the LBs...our D might be surpassing our offense in what is more reliable. Anyway, if the curse of Kris and Chris doesn't rear its ugly head anymore this season...we should have a chance to win every game.

    We have a good team and there's no reason to give up on them yet...hell if they win out they'll be 11-5 lol and if they can win this game coming up in Indy then we have a good chance with the closing games but its more likely that we will go 9-7 and miss the playoffs again. We need to get rid of Meyers, now and focus on strengthening our O-line at the gaurd and center. Though I do see what Dale murphy is saying about Winston...he isn't that good.

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