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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by Maddict5, Jan 8, 2008.

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    alright im no expert but i respect alot of other guys opinions around here.. and all around im hearing that based on how its looking right now, its going to be an excellent yr for DB's, OT's, RB's.. which also happen to be most of our major weaknesses...

    so my question (and i know it isnt madden) is: should we just go redskins on this draft and trade away next years high round picks so we'll have a nice bounty for this years draft? imagine having two mid-low firsts, a 2nd and a 3rd.. and getting a nice OT, CB, S and RB with those picks..

    it seems ridiculous but teams like sf, cle etc did it last year. you have to think the pickings wont be as rich in next yrs draft.. and not having a 2nd this yr looks like its really going to pinch

    granted the '09 draft would suck for us if this did happen :)
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    My initial thought is what if you have major injuries (sheesh, imagine that?) in 2008 and you have no high draft picks to correct that? We are not in the position yet to have much depth and on the job training to replace injuries. Free agency this off season is not encouraging to me and what we got last year did not excite me too much. Picks ups during a season such as Demps that are successful is rare and I think Smith is to be commended. Having said that I want some picks each season. Having said that, I am not against a trade if it makes sense.
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    well I don't know if you respect mine or not :

    We might see two major trades within the first five picks. I don't know if that has ever happened in the modern era.

    I think everyone who needs WRs or TEs or complimentary running backs should get healthy this draft. I also think that this fact will push the group down the boards.

    We should look to trade back if we can. I doubt they can pick up another two. They might be able to get enough ammo to move back up into the second to hit another hole

    I'm really impressed with this years CBs. I'm going against the gurus, but I believe there will be a run on them in the second round. I think it will be a lot like last year when there was a run on the second teired high end prospects at WR in the third. Once the first one goes ....bang, bang, bang they'll go off the board. By the time we come up again in the third the pickings will be slim.

    It would be a shame with the need we have if we don't pick up a high end Cb propect.
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    I agree that we may need to address the CB in the first . After Bennett there's not much .

    I would then hope a guy like Chris Williams slides to the 3rd . If Boone , Clady , or other juniors come out ... it helps push an OT back .

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