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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by gsus8091, Jan 5, 2007.

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    First if you guys have read my past posts you'll know I would like the Texans to stick with Carr for one more year. At least untill Brian Brohm comes out in 2008. If Carr works out with a better and healthy o-line in 2007 and some more weapons then so be it. If not then see-ya. But he's the best out there regardless of his pay. I don't want to argue this because its not a Carr post.

    Anyway the offseason needs to be filled with some special players. G/OT Eric Steinbach needs to be courted. He brings a nastiness that this team despertley needs. If not Eric then guard Kris Deilman from San Diego. that takes care of the inside of the o-line. Also maybe even OT Roman Oben from the Chargers too for depth. Charles Spencer is going to be a beast next year and also I believe Eric Winston will be much better. Also we need to draft some small school o-lineman in the 2nd day of the draft.

    Next, another WR. I would love to get Kevin Curtis(Rams). He's got very good speed, he's smart, and he makes tough catches in traffic. I would even like to sign Travis Taylor(Vikings) who could be an awesome 3rd wide-out. He's strong, not fast, but very good hands and doesn't mind going over the middle. Also another TE. Daniel Graham(Patriots) would be awesome to get. He's the best blocking TE with hands in the league. With Graham and Daniels in two TE sets. That would be fine with me. In the draft we take RB Adrain Peterson. He's too good to pass up and he will not only make up for Reggie Bush but he WILL be better in the NFL.

    On defense I would like to start out with another corner. In free agency its either Nate Clements(very,very expensive) or Asante Samuel(not as expensive). Both are excellent corners, but I go with Asante. He's younger and he comes from a team first organazation. If we don't get either one then the draft is where we can. Antoine Cason, Dameion Hughes, Leon Hall, Derrelle Revis and Marcus McCauley would all be excellent picks if they are there in the 2nd round. At safety I think that if Brandon Meriweather there in the 3rd because of character issues we need to snatch him up. But if we can sign either Ken Hamlin of the Seahawks or Micheal Lewis of the Eagles that would be a huge up-grade. Hamlin is a banger and Lewis other than this past season has been excellent in a stay at home role for Brian Dawkins.

    Also I know this is a long shot but if somehow we can trade for DT Dwayne Robertson(Jets) he could be a very good run stuffer with good pass rush ability. If you remember in the 2005-06 season he was breaking oput as their best DT. I think next to Travis Johnson they would both succeed. Its a long shot though. Another trade that would work is FS Darren Sharper(Vikings) he would be our center fielder that we despertly need. I want these players, they would help tremendously.

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