nice game vincent

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by utahmark, Dec 10, 2006.

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    no matter what you think about carr. you got to give vince credit he sure looks good.

    i thought that incomplete pass right before regulation was a fumble they didnt even review it. carr threw a shovel pass to aj and he didnt appear to be pass the los and aj appeared to catch it for a 13 yard gain. another call that wasnt even reviewed. those were 2 game changing playes that we not even looked at. to vince's credit when you give him the oppurtunity he makes something happen something we havent seen from carr.

    guess the boards are to busy to post now. so here are some more thoughts.

    if you seen some of our 2 min drives before halftime maybe you can figure out why kubes didnt try anything at our own 7 with no time outs and 55 sec left. the announcers who arent the absoulute most knowledgeable people but do at least no as much as some of you guys seem to agree. as would most coaches in the nfl especially with our o-line.

    vince outplayed carr today but so did his offensive line. and if you watch most nfl games its usually the qb with the best o-line that playes the best.

    ive always been behind carr but i think vince is better and maybe we did make a mistake. to early to tell. lets give mario a year our 2. but at this point i dont care wheather we did our not. ive never really been a fan of vince but if he would of came here i would of been very happy at this point. now he's the enemy and i hope he has 30 int's a year. ill root for carr and hope he plays better untill hes not our qb anymore.

    p.s. carr will be our starting qb next year with sage and a 3 thru 5 round rookie backing him up. jmo.

    maybe they should of kept a spy back instead of an all out blitz. the middle of the field was wide open.
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    I was disgusted when our fans booed the Texans off the field in the 4th.

    What did you expect?

    A 93 yd drive with 55 seconds left and 0 timeouts?

    Do you want Carr to just sit back and lob a deep ball? What if it gets picked off. The Titans kicker can make it from 60.
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    Great post markbeth, but even if VY did outplay DC today thier OLine and receivers also outplayed ours.
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    Houston, again.
    That's a fact, not to mention our secondary is verrrrryyyy soft.

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