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    USA TODAY's football salaries database contains year-by-year listings of salaries for National Football League players, from the 2000 season through the most recently-completed season. The search options here allow you to see salaries and bonuses for specific players, plus median and total salaries for each team.

    The data are based on USA TODAY research, information from player agents and NFL Players Association research documents.

    For each player, the database shows his base salary, signing bonus, other bonuses and cap value. The base salary is the value according to his contract; however, he may not have received the entire amount. The column labeled "salary" is the actual amount he received in base salary and bonuses combined.
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    Interesting to see where some of these QBs rank, especially Carr. Ranking salaries along total salary, he was paid about average for an NFL quarterback. Ranked against salary cap hit, he's the ninth best-paid QB.

    Not surprising, some of the best-paid QBs are Vick, Favre, Hasselbeck, Brady, and of course, the Mannings.
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    I found that db pretty much garbage in the past. It's only up to date through '05 plus there's some very quirky stuff in there. It's not good to take their info at face value and run with it. I may offer up some examples later.
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    This NFLPA search engine contains the base salaries of all NFL players. It doesn't include signing bonuses, roster bonuses, and earned incentives. You can find some of that info with internet searches or by looking at some fans sites that do a good job of keeping track of teams cap status. For the Texans,, and for the Patriots, are a couple of examples.

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