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Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by Luv_ya_blue, Nov 5, 2006.

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    Note: This thread is solely an attempt at humor and shouldn't be taken seriously whatsoever! If you find yourself getting angry..then you should loosen your drawers and take a prozac!

    What if the NFL had a "Color-Coding System" from week to week where each team was FORCED to wear a certain color depending upon their record and how they played the week prior?

    In other words...

    2 wins or > would be "Pink & White Jerseys"...Pink w/white trim for home games and White w/pink trim for away games.

    3 wins would be a "Light Purple Colored Jersey"...Purple w/white trim and vice versa.

    4 wins would be something like "Light Blue" with white trim.

    And so on and so forth. The more wins, the darker and more "manly" the teams jersey colors would be.

    If a team is over .500 then they are permitted to wear their own "team colors...or the darkest colors of the spectrum." After week 7 or 8 at least.

    This way, when someone is flipping through the channels, they don't even have to slow down much to see who is ACTUALLY playing, they can just see the color of the jerseys and know whether or not they're interested in watching.

    There could be an exception to the rule in which if a team beats a team that is expected to beat the tar out of THEM, then the winning team can wear their team colors...and the team that lost would be forced to wear the Pink duds for a week. {See the Dolphins vs Bears game today.}

    So what do you think guys and gals?

    At least the NFL would have to add some diversity to their jersey sales. I think that the Texans would look stylish in those pink jerseys that the girls wear...sorry Texans Chick.
    This is just a joke thread guys...relax and have some fun with it.
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    Our colors would have to be Camo...where's our team been for the last few years.:shades:

    Just a joke from the BIGGEST 'homer' on the board!
  3. powerfuldragon

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    your lady's sexdreams.
    Bad idea. I don't want football to remind me of skittles.
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    Over here.

    That idea would make it easier to know who has what kind of record, but it would make it difficult to tell which teams are actually playing. Besides, I don't want to see the Texans in pink jerseys. They've had enough problems already.

    We might also find out that certain colors effect the teams' play and pink might have a team permanently stuck in loserville.

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