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    Len Pasquarelli, of, reports Houston Texans QB David Carr has reached sufficient performance records to void the final three years, which would make him eligible for unrestricted free agency after the 2005 season. The team has until the final game of the 2005 season to execute a buy-back clause in his contract that would allow the team to retain him.

    Houston trade thier 1st pick over all, future 5th round, and 7th round pick to Browns for browns first pick and Browns 2nd round pick

    1. Browns ( from Texans ) Matt Leinart QB USC

    2. 49ers DÂ’Brickshaw Ferguson OT Virginia

    3. Texans ( from Browns ) Vince Young QB Texas

    4. Chargers (from Tennessee) Ahmad Brooks LB Virginia

    5. Dolphins Marcus Mcneil OT Auburn

    6. Bears Rod Wright DT Texas

    7. Saints Omar Jacobs QB Bowling Green

    8. Bucs Devin Hester CB/WR Miami

    9. Giants Kiwi DE Boston College

    10. Raiders A.J Hawk LB Ohio State

    11. Packers Mario Williams DE NCState

    12. Rams Abdul Hodge LB Iowa

    13. Jets Reggie Bush RB/WR USC

    14. Broncos(Redskins) Jimmy Williams CB Virginia Tech

    15. Broncos Eric Winston OT Miami

    16. Bills Chad Greenway LB Iowa

    17. Lions Charles Gordon CB Kansas

    18. Seahawks Jesee Mahelon DT Tenneesee

    19. Bengals Haloti Ngata DT Oregon

    20. Jaguars Jason Allen S/CB Teneesee

    21. Cardinals Mercedes Lewis TE UCLA

    22. Ravens Gabe Watson DT UCLA

    23. Cowboys Greg Lee WR Pitt

    24. Steelers Jonthan Scott OT Texas

    25. Falcons Daryl Tapp DE/DT Virginia Tech

    26. Chiefs Reggie Mcneal QB Texas A&M

    27. Vikings Leonard Pope TE Georgia

    28. Patriots DeAngelo Williams RB Memphis

    29. Eagles H.B Blades S/LB Pitt

    30. Colts Thomas Howard LB UTEP

    31. Panthers Max Jean Gilles OG Georgia

    32. San Diego Chargers Darnell Bing S USC
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    H-Town stomping once again!
    There are A LOT of questionable picks in this draft.

    First of all there is absolutely no way V. Young is ready to play QB in the NFL nor do I want to see the Texans take a freaking QB when you still have the SAME problem we have NOW. NO OFFENSIVE LINE.

    Jimmy Williams or Reggie Bush will make make it out of the top 10 and AJ Hawk probably needs to be higher as well.

    If D Williams falls to 28 someone will be losing their job.

    Ahmad brooks been to banged up to reamin a top 5.

    I really dont understand why Reggie Mcneal or V. Young are in your draft at all. Neither has shown they are even ready for the NFL much less 1st round QB's.
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    I stopped reading at Vince Young #3.
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    No way is it a qb.
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    Orange Park FL.

    Where do I begin...

    - Vince Young will stay in school -- and even if he did come out, he would not be picked that high.

    - Devin Hester isn't even a late first rounder right now.

    - Reggie Bush out of the top 10? Are you joking?

    - Jason Allen is out for the year, which would make him out of the NFL Draft runnings.

    - DeAngelo Williams is WAY too low.

    - Where's Maroney?

    - Reggie McNeal isn't a first rounder

    - The Dolphins don't need another OT

    - The Cards will not have one of the lower 1st round picks...They will have a top 5-10 pick...

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