Next Level Scoutings Draft Morning Email (Glenn included)

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    WASHINGTON REDSKINS have been rumored to be interested in moving up to #2 or #3 for the chance to draft MICHIGAN senior wide receiver BRAYLON EDWARDS, but there is a short list of evaluators that think they would actually be making that move to select one of the two top-rated quarterbacks, ALEX SMITH or AARON RODGERS, since they would put their salary cap in serious jeopardy, as they still have to re-sign wide receiver Santana Moss to a new deal... if they made all these moves to trade for another wide receiver... than they would have dealt for Moss and Edwards, who both will need and want deals with big bonuses involved, while dealing Coles and possible Gardner who were both under contract... that would not make much sense from either a football or salary cap perspective. If the Redskins need to strengthen a package of picks (#9, #25) to move up to the Top-3 don't be surprised if wide receiver Rod Gardner is included in the deal.

    BUFFALO BILLS will look to complete a trade of running back TRAVIS HENRY for either a late day one (3rd) or combination of draft choices today with one of several teams, including Philadelphia, Arizona, Tampa Bay or possibly even Carolina, who have reviewed several early-to-mid round running backs in recent weeks, including Eric Shelton (Louisville), Vernand Morency (Oklahoma State) and J.J. Arrington (California).

    NY JETS will not be able to trade potential holdout defensive end/linebacker JOHN ABRAHAM, as he has failed to sign the one-year tender sheet, which would need to be done before his rights could be dealt... barring a last minute change of heart, Abraham will remain with the Jets through the start of training camp.

    HOUSTON TEXANS may look to deal former All-Pro cornerback AARON GLENN sometime during the draft with a return trip to the NY Jets a possibility... as well as Arizona, Tampa Bay or Tennessee possibly being interested in his services.

    NEW ORLEANS SAINTS may still have the chance to add another high day one selection if they can find a trade partner for the rights to defensive end DARREN HOWARD... teams that might be interested include Dallas, Green Bay, Oakland and San Diego.

    TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS may still look to deal up to pick #2 or #3 should UTAH junior quarterback ALEX SMITH be taken off the board at #1 with an eye towards drafting AUBURN running back RONNIE BROWN... while there is some concern over him being taken before them at pick #5 others have speculated that the CHICAGO BEARS who own the 4th overall pick have TEXAS running back CEDRIC BENSON and AUBURN running back CARNELL WILLIAMS rated 1-2 on their board.

    Free agent linebacker CHAD BROWN may have several options/suitors after the draft including Green Bay, Cleveland, Denver and possibly New England... while he has also said he would like to see where his brother, Van Brown (NW Oklahoma State), lands via the draft to see if they might be able to play together at some point.

    MOST ACTIVE ON DAY ONE: These teams should be the most active on "Day One" of the NFL Draft... Miami, Tampa Bay, Dallas, San Diego, Philadelphia and Tennessee.

    ALBANY, NY senior safety/linebacker KURT CAMPBELL has received added attention from between 10-14 teams that have called consistently over the past few weeks... with speculation leading to him being drafted more towards the mid-rounds of the draft rather than the later rounds... as there has also been a few teams that said they have him as a possible late day one selection.

    ALBANY, NY senior offensive lineman GEIR GUDMUNDSEN has received additional attention from Buffalo, Dallas, NY Giants among several others in recent days, and has likely made himself into a PFA type prospect, as of today.

    BOISE STATE senior defensive back/return man CHRIS CARR has received added attention by teams that see his special teams ability, both as a return man and coverage units, as making him a valuable role player even as a rookie.

    CALIFORNIA senior safety MATT GIORDANO has received additional attention from a number of teams since his Pro Day... as he was the fastest player at the school's Pro Day (4.48)... plays with a lot of heart, desire and determination... more athletic version of Steve Gleason (Saints).

    CENTRAL MISSOURI STATE senior cornerback/return man JOHN MCPHERSON has received additional attention from several teams, including Kansas City in recent days... thanks to his private workout numbers and special teams potential.

    CINCINNATI senior linebacker JAMAR ENZOR has received added attention from Buffalo, Denver, Green Bay and Miami over the past few days.

    CINCINNATI senior safety DOUG MONAGHAN has received added attention from Buffalo and Houston in recent days, as well as Jacksonville.

    GEORGIA TECH senior offensive tackle KYLE WALLACE had several very positive visits in recent weeks and has drawn additional interest from numerous teams... his draft value has improved consistently since his Pro Day... NY Giants have shown a good deal of interest.

    HOBART, NY senior offensive guard ALEX BELL has received additional attention from Baltimore, Cleveland, Green Bay, New England, NY Giants and Pittsburgh.

    MASSACHUSETTS senior fullback RICH DEMERS has received added attention from Buffalo, Dallas, Jacksonville and Miami in recent days... also had private workouts with Indianapolis and New England leading up to the draft.

    MIAMI, OH senior tight end DANNY HORACE, who played power forward on the school's basketball team, had a private workout with Washington earlier this week... having received a copy of his spring scrimmage game film from last spring... a few things jump out at you right away... his natural size... good hands on a pair of catches, but also the fact that he was not as raw/bad a blocker on the tape as originally expected... there seems to be a lot of the raw skills you desire in a tight end... keep an eye on Denver, whose tight end coach is credited with locating Antonio Gates while he was in San Diego... a total of 15 teams received a copy of his spring scrimmage game film over the past week.

    MONTANA senior fullback JUSTIN GREEN has received additional attention from several teams... some of whom have recognized him as the top-rated fullback on their board.

    MOREHEAD STATE senior cornerback CHARLES BYRD has received additional attention from Detroit, Miami and NY Jets in recent days.

    MURRAY STATE senior tight end JIMMY ST. LOUIS has received added attention from New England and Tennessee... both of whom asked for and received a tape of him deep snapping... NY Giants, New Orleans, Tampa Bay and Washington have made calls in recent days.

    NORTHERN ARIZONA senior running back/return man ROGER ROBINSON has received additional attention from Arizona, Green Bay, Miami, New Orleans and Tampa Bay in recent days... while others have mentioned that he has received a draftable grade on their board.

    NOTRE DAME senior cornerback DWIGHT ELLICK has received several calls in the past few days with teams mentioning his strong workout numbers while adding that he might be a late round choice or PFA... Cleveland, Green Bay and NY Giants have shown strong interest.

    NOTRE DAME senior wide receiver CARLYLE HOLIDAY has received interest from a number of teams, including New England, New Orleans and Philadelphia, who said they were not concerned with his average workout numbers, since he had a tweaked hamstring... his ability to contribute in a number of areas could offer him late round to PFA consideration.

    OKLAHOMA senior linebacker LANCE MITCHELL has completely recovered from a personal issue that he battled last summer... any/all teams that were/are aware of it can speak to him direct for more information.

    RICE senior safety TERRY HOLLEY has received additional attention from Cleveland, Detroit, Green Bay, Jacksonville, New England, NY Giants, NY Jets, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Seattle... being recognized for his smarts, instincts and ability to play either safety spot and special teams.

    RICE senior GREG HENDERSON, a former option quarterback, was worked out as a defensive back by Cleveland... at a recent CFL workout he was 5110, 198 pounds... ran 4.48/4.52 in the 40... 26 reps of 225 pounds... could be evaluated at a number of positions... DB, WR, RB.

    SAN DIEGO STATE senior safety JOSH DEAN has received additional attention from teams that have compared his workout numbers, game film and production as compared to other strong safety prospects... he has made a move up many draft boards to being considered a strong early "Day Two" selection; 4th-5th round.

    SOUTH CAROLINA senior offensive guard/tackle JONATHON ALSTON has received additional attention from several teams since his Pro Day... with teams noting his versatility to play guard or tackle on both the left and right sides.

    STANFORD senior offensive/defensive lineman WILL SVITEK has drawn interest from teams with the potential to convert him over to being a full-time offensive tackle... you can expect to see him get drafted much higher than expected (5th round) and above a number of other more recognizable offensive linemen.

    TCU senior tight end CODY MCCARTY has received additional interest from a number of teams, including Atlanta, Buffalo, Dallas, Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and San Diego... seeing him as having upside as a pass catcher... caught four pass for 40 yards at the Senior Bowl... caught 17 passes, as a senior... started his career as a quarterback, but after being moved to tight end also played on most special teams... has the ability to get stronger as a blocker... solid work ethic kid that should be able to improve his game under the direction of a pro position coach.

    TEMPLE junior A.J. LINDSAY has received additional interest from Green Bay, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Miami, NY Giants, Philadelphia and Washington in recent days... all of whom have told him he is being considered as a day two prospect; likely 5th-6th round.

    TEXAS A&M senior fullback KEITH JOSEPH has received additional attention from several teams... some of whom have recognized him as the top-rated fullback on their board.

    WINONA STATE senior quarterback BRIAN WROBEL has a very impressive game and highlight tape that accents his impressive workout numbers... has been timed in the mid-to-high 4.5's... while weighing 6016, 198 pounds... also stood flat-footed and threw the ball 57 yards... tape proves that he has interesting athleticism and better-than-advertised arm strength for a small school passer.
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    It would suck to see Glenn go, but I think we may only trade him if we can't trade down...Maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part idonno:...Who is Doug Monaghan? He doesn't have a profile on NFL.Com...
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    Bearcats, not Bengals. A helluva SS.
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    I'm international
    I hope Glenn doesn't go to the Tiatans. Bad news for Texans receivers. I don't like trades within the division. Gives traded player too much incentive to kick the old teams butt.

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