New Rules for College Football Fans

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by gwallaia, Aug 10, 2006.

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    It's early August, which means most college football fans have regressed into 5-year-olds with a week left until Christmas. The suspense is killing them and the calendar is moving in cruelly slow motion.

    Labor Day weekend seems eternally out of reach, with too many soul-killing baseball games still to be played between now and kickoff.

    To pass this excruciating time constructively, I say it's time we get educated. In homage to Bill Maher, whose schtick is blatantly and unapologetically ripped off here, I offer the New Rules for College Football Fans, 2006 edition:

    New Rule: If the scoreboard says you lost, you lost. That's not going to change. Take an hour to vent postgame, then try to regain your sanity. Do not diminish your quality of life -- and the quality of life of those around you -- by spewing for days about the refs who cheated your team, the flagrant league bias against your team or the complete lack of class displayed by the team that beat your team. Your team l-o-s-t. Try to deal. ...............

    ps. These rules also can be applied to the NFL
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    Bwahahahahahah, I love it!

    On another note, there ARE new college rules. Such as the clock starting when a kicking play starts, not when the ball is caught.

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