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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by baba ganoush, Jan 7, 2007.

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    This may actually have a chance of happening...I would draft mainly defense becasue look at the powerhouses in the NFL, they all have great defenses...Address offense in FA or next years draft, we need an upgraded defense and we need it now...In FA i say we push hard and our best pick up would be Nate Clements...Then we bulster a great defense around him, DeMeco, Dunta and Mario...

    1) LaRon Landry - best saftey available and our biggest need...
    2) Rufus Alexander - can anyone say DeMeco x 2...
    3) Ben Grubbs - solid guard that will help with the o-line...
    4) Marcus Thomas - decent Dt, needs to bulk up though...
    5) David Irons - a BIG sleeper in the draft...
    6) Lyle Sendlein - we need a replacement for Flanagan pretty soon...
    7) Jarrett Hicks - a tall reciever that knows how to catch and run routes...

    Now that JaMarcus Russell declared, I think there will be a few fights for quarterbacks...I think the Bills are going to look for a new signal caller because J.P. Losman is not going to be there for much longer...Maybe they would want to trade up with us and the we could get an additional third round pick...Kevin Kolb would be a great choice there, this kid has all of the measureables to be an outstanding quarterback in the NFL...Just a thought though...
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    Jarret Hicks isnt going to last to the seventh round. He should go in rounds three or four.

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