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    1. Houston Texans - Bush, Reggie, RB USC | Obvious pick. Bush is the best player in the draft and the Texans obviously can't pass him up.

    2. New Orleans Saints - Williams, Mario, DE North Carolina St | I know, this pick does not fit a need. Thats what I first said. But the Saints' run defense was one of the worst in the league last year. They also were near the bottom in sacks. The Saints really like Mario and even though they have Will Smith and Charles Grant, a great prospect like Mario may be too good to pass up. Grant may be moved to DT as well.

    3. Tennessee Titans - Leinart, Matt, QB USC | I have heard that the Titans' peronnel like Vince Young more than Matt Leinart, but I think it would be a huge mistake to pass on one of the most NFL-ready QBs ever, especially when your offensive coordinator is Norm Chow.

    4. New York Jets - Ferguson, D'Brickashaw, OT Virginia | With Pennington coming back and getting Patrick Ramsey, I don't think they will draft Cutler, especially with a talent like D'Brick available. Their offensive line play last year was very inconsistent. Ferguson is the BPA here and he is one of the best OTs ever to enter the draft. He will instantly upgrade their offense.

    5. Green Bay Packers - Hawk, A.J., OLB Ohio St. | The Packers get their man with Hawk. He and Barnett will be a great duo.

    6. San Francisco 49ers - Davis, Vernon, TE Maryland | Yes, they need defense, but they have so much invested in Alex Smith, and if they are going to see what they have with him, then he will need some guys to throw to. He looked awful in his rookie year and VD would be a great pickup here. 254 lbs and runs a 4.38 in the 40 yard dash. What more can you say?

    7. Oakland Raiders - Huff, Michael, S Texas | Vince Young is an option here, but with guys like Aaron Brooks and Andrew Walter on their squad, I don't expect for him to be the pick. There are too many other holes on their team for them to look at another QB. But it is Al Davis, and we all know how he loves great talent, so don't rule it out. But Michael Huff also has great talent and is the top DB in entire draft. Huff is the best available defensive player here and can start right away.

    8. Buffalo Bills - Bunkley, Brodrick, DT Florida St. | The Bills are going to look at a DT here. The question is, which one? Bunkley or Ngata? Ngata is the better prospect, but Bunkley is a perfect fit for their scheme. I have also heard that the Bills don't really like Ngata. In the end, I see them going with Bunkley because of how well he fit the cover 2.

    9. Detroit Lions - Justice, Winston, OT USC | This is one of the harder pick to predict. There is a SLIGHT chance that they go QB here, but I seriously doubt it after getting McCown and Kitna and having Mike Martz as their coordinator. Their offensive line was very inconsistent last year, which contributed to Kevin Jones' bad season. Justice is the best OT in the draft besides D'Brick, and he would be an instant upgrade from Kelly Butler at RT.

    10. Arizona Cardinals - Young, Vincent, QB Texas | Young is everything Denny Green likes in a QB. Great size, great arm strength and great athleticism. He is the best available player here and could be great with Fitzgerald and Boldin. It is a very good situation for the Cards because Vince could sit behind Kurt Warner for 1-2 years. I know alot of people don't like this pick, but he has the most potential of any player right here. Who else would be the pick? Brodrick Bunkley? No. If Vince is available here and guys like Huff, Ngata, and VD are gone, than Vince will probably be the pick.

    11. St. Louis Rams - Ngata, Haloti, DT Oregon | The Rams would be thrilled to see Ngata available at 11. They have had some busts at this position in recent years(Ryan Pickett, Brian Young), so hopefully Ngata can change that. He would instantly upgrade their run D.

    12. Cleveland Browns - Wimbley, Kamerion, DE Florida St. | Wimbley is another guy who has seen his stock take off in the past few weeks. He is a perfect 3-4 tweener and would fit well with the Browns. Not exactly the BPA, but he fills a need and fits their scheme, much like Bunkley with the Bills. A sleeper/surprise pick may be a running back, as they are looking for someone to compiment Droughns, but it is unlikely.

    13. Baltimore Ravens - Allen, Jason, S Tennessee | It would not surprise me to see them go with the BPA here, which would be Cutler, but I think they will get Steve McNair. They are likely targeting 4 players here: Haloti Ngata, Brodrick Bunkley, Winston Justice, and Vince Young. With all of those guys gone, they look for a safety that can start along Reed. Jimmy Williams is an option, but his stock has fallen and Ozzie Newsome does not like to reach for guys. From what I have heard, the Ravens really like Jason Allen, so he may be the pick. They may try to trade down with a team like the Vikings and then take Allen there.

    14. Philadelphia Eagles - Sims, Ernie, OLB Florida St. | This is another pick that is hard to predict. I think it is going to come down to Sims or Greenway. Sims is probably higher on more team's boards, but Greenway would fill a need at strongside linebacker. But I believe Sims has the athletic ability to play either position, so he is the pick. Jim Johnson likes explosive, aggressive guys and Sims might be the most explosive LB in the draft.

    15. Denver Broncos - Jackson, Chad, WR Florida | The Broncos traded up because there was a player that they were afraid would be gone by pick 22. I think that player is Chad Jackson. From what I have heard, the Dolphins were very interested in Jackson as well, so that also may be a reason that they moved up. Rod Smith can't play forever and Lelie is definitely not a #1 WR.

    16. Miami Dolphins - Holmes, Santonio, WR Ohio St. | I think that Nick Saban is going to take either Santonio Holmes or Chad Jackson, whoever is available when they pick. Chris Chambers was great last year, but he is going to need some help. Holmes is the top WR in the draft in my opinion and he would fit well with Miami.

    17. Minnesota Vikings - Cutler, Jay, QB Vanderbilt | This is the #1 steal of the draft. For a guy with top 5 talent to slip this far is crazy. I believe he is the #1 QB in the draft and the Vikings would be amazed to see him on the board at 17. If Cutler falls out of the top 10, they may trade up to make sure that they get him.

    18. Dallas Cowboys - Greenway, Chad, OLB Iowa | The Cowboys are looking for a LB to fit the 3-4 with this pick. They lost Scott Fujita. Greenway's stock has fallen after running a 4.79 40 and only putting up 16 bench reps. But he is still a great playmaker and he has good value here.

    19. San Diego Chargers - Williams, Jimmy, CB Virginia Tech | OT is an option, but safety is a need as well. Allen is a very versatile player. He has shown that he is recovered from injury by running a great 40 at the combine. May have been the first DB off the board if it were not for that injury.

    20. Kansas City Chiefs - Hill, Tye, CB Clemson | The Chiefs desperately need a CB to add some depth to that secondary. In my opinion, Hill is the top cover corner in this draft. He has great speed and athleticism and could start right away.

    21. New England Patriots - Marshall, Richard, CB Fresno St. | This is a pick that may raise some eyebrows. The Pats need help at linebacker and in the secondary. The Patriots has shown A LOT of interest in Richard Marshall. He is everything Bill Belicheck likes in a player: he is tough, plays with confidence, and he played at Fresno State. Plus he runs a 4.42 40.This is a reach, but he is very high on their board, and if they pass on him here, there is a good chance that a team like the Bears or the Seahawks could take him at the end of the round. And he definitely won't be there when they pick in round 2. DeAngelo Williams may be the pick here as well.

    22. Denver Broncos - Williams, DeAngelo, RB Memphis | Shanahan usually does not like to select a RB before the 3rd or 4th rounds, but when a guy like DeAngelo falls to 22, you may have to make an exception. There are a few reasons for this pick: First, there are not alot of holes that need to be filled after getting Jackson at 15. OT and DE are the only other positions I could see them going for. Tamba Hali may be an option, but his stock has fallen and I don't think Denver would spend the 22nd pick on him. Eric Winston is another option because he fits their scheme, but he would be a reach here as well. The final reason is that I don't believe that Mike Shanahan is ready to give Tatum Bell 20-25 carries a game. DeAngelo is the BPA here, he and Tatum Bell could be great together.

    23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Cromartie, Antonio, CB Florida St | The Bucs defense is getting older. Cromartie is a great fit for their D because he has an excellent size/speed combination. He would have been a top 10 pick next year and could end up being the best DB in this draft.

    24. Cincinnati Bengals - Whitner, Donte, S Ohio St. | The Bengals have a good young safety in Madieu Williams, but the other safety position does not look as good. They signed Dexter Jackson, but he has lost a step and he isn't the long-term answer. Whitner could take over for Jackson next year and may even see some significant playing time in his rookie season. This pick also provideds some depth because Madieu Williams has had some injury problems.

    25. New York Giants - Carpenter, Bobby, OLB Ohio St. | The Giants have NO depth at linebacker, and it showed in the playoffs last year. Carpenter has good size and pretty good speed and fits well in just about any defensive scheme.

    26. Chicago Bears - Joseph, Jonathan, CB South Carolina | One of the Bears few weaknesses on D last year was containing small, quick WRs.(Steve Smith) The retirement of Jerry Azumah does not help either. Joseph may be the fastest player in the draft and would add some depth to their secondary.

    27. Carolina Panthers - Lewis, Marcedes, TE UCLA | With LenDale White having torn his hamstring, he is no longer the pick. OLB is the Panthers' biggest need coming into this draft, but I don't think they are willing to reach for a guys like Thomas Howard or Demeco Ryans. The Panthers improved their passing game with the addition of Keyshawn Johnson. But they are still lacking a tight end that can come across the middle and take some pressure of Steve Smith. Leonard Pope may be a better all-around tight end(because of his blocking skills), but the Panthers already have some decent blockers. Lewis will be a great security blanket for Jake Delhomme and he is a great red zone target.

    28. Jacksonville Jaguars - Howard, Thomas, OLB UTEP | The Jaguars have a huge need at OLB. They really like Thomas Howard. He has great speed and may be the most athletic LB in this draft. This may be a tad bit of a reach, but it fills a huge need.

    29. New York Jets - Lawson, Manny, DE North Carolina St. | Manny Lawson has great talent, but he has fallen into the late 1st or early 2nd in most drafts because some NFL teams and scouts don't believe he is a complete 3-4 LB. But one thing is for sure: he has great athleticism and has the ability to be a great 3-4 DE/OLB.

    30. Indianapolis Colts - Maroney, Laurence, RB Minnesota | The Colts will be looking to address the RB position early in the draft. With teams like the Cardinals, Ravens, and Vikings all addressing their RB positions via free agency, the Colts will probably have a chance at a guy like Maroney. He fits their offense pretty well and has great value here. They need a tweener for their defense and Lawson is considered by many to be the best in this draft. Getting D'Brick at 4 and Lawson at 29 would be great for them.

    31. Seattle Seahawks - Hali, Tamba, DE Penn St. | The Seahawks had the 25th ranked pass defense last year, and with the loss of Andre Dyson, the secondary may needs to be addressed here. But they also showed that they are interested in getting another pass rusher when they offered this pick for John Abraham. Hali's stock has dropped, but he still has great value at 31. The Seahawks would like to see him on the board here.

    32. Pittsburgh Steelers - Mangold, Nick, C Ohio St. | LenDale White will be tempting(even with his hammy), but Mangold is a much, much safer pick. Jeff Hartings is 34 years old and it is time to look for a replacement. The center position is a big part of their offensive scheme and Mangold is the best one in the draft. 6th buckeye to go in the 1st round.
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    i like this a lot. i don't think the rams would pass up cutler in that situation (he fits linehan's offense MUCH better than bulger) and i can't see the jets passing up on nick mangold. and yes, miami is interested in chad jackson, considering they've brought him FOUR times already. could be a way to force denver's hand into taking him, though, so another player could slip. i wouldn't be surprised if that player is holmes.
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    run on the tweener corners interesting. VN Job.
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    excellent effort :cool:

    I really would like to see Richard Marshall slip to the Texans 2nd rd. pick :spy:

    great draft for the Broncos, Jets shore up both lines seems possible, Cutler slipping to the Vikings along with VY to #10 probably not but those teams would be happy if they did :)

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