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    There is certain reasons why the Texans wont draft Reggie Bush…one is that we already have a 1000-yard running back in Domanick Davis and a Pro-Bowl kick returner in Jerome Mathis. With the signing of Eric Moulds and Anthony Weaver I feel that the Texans now can draft for their biggest need in the first round an offensive lineman…this would happen with a trade down with the New York Jets…before the Draft starts I would like to the Texans trade down to the # 4 overall and get the # 29 overall, # 103 overall and # 138 overall and the New York Jets first rounder next year.

    # 4 overall – D’Brickashaw Ferguson – OT / Virginia
    With one of the worst offensive lines in football why not try and upgrade it with a guy that will be able to dominate from the start of his career. If the Texans draft Ferguson this allows Chester Pitts to go back to more of a natural position for him at guard,

    # 29 overall – Jonathan Joseph – CB / South Carolina
    With Buchanan failing to succeed in the Texans defensive scheme…we now look for a corner that will be able to compete with him and push him so that he might become successful in the new defensive scheme. This kid has a chance to make an impact that Dunta Robinson made for us two years ago.

    # 33 overall – LenDale White – RB / USC
    LenDale White is a power back…a red zone back that will be able to put the ball in the end zone down at the goal line. With a healthy Domanick Davis and LenDale White you have a great one – two punch to through at any defense.

    # 65 overall – Gerris Wilkinson – ILB / Georgia Tech
    A linebacker with a lot of versatility…he’s fast, quick and a solid wrap up tackler, and something this defense needs. I believe he has a chance to become a dominant starter in the NFL. He reminds me of Odell Thurman of the Bengals last year, who played well down the stretch.

    # 66 overall – Darryl Tapp – DE / Virginia Tech
    A bit undersized but had a good college career and has a motor that doesn’t stop. He’s quick off the ball and seems to always be around the play, if he can’t translate well to the speed of the NFL, he would add much needed depth to our defensive line.

    # 97 overall – A.J. Nicholson – OLB / Florida State
    Has off the field problems but if he can straighten his act up, he could become one of the biggest steals in this draft…he’s a playmaker and a leader on the field…something we need.

    # 103 overall – Rashad Butler – OT / Miami
    Was overshadowed by Eric Winston…I would like to see him develop into a good right tackle that could eventually start over who they decide to put there now. He needs to get stronger and bigger than I believe he would be a good enough tackle for the NFL.

    # 138 overall – Paul Pinegar – QB / Fresno State
    Tall quarterback with good size…doesn’t quite have the arm strength for the NFL but that can be fixed. I think we should start molding him into a solid backup for us in the future…he has no chance to become a starter, but I think he could be a pretty reliable backup. I think we are paying too much for our backup quarterback now…

    # 161 overall – Will Allen – OG / Texas
    This is a guard that has a big body and could eat up smaller defenders. Played well throughout his career at Texas and I would like to see him stay at home. Played great in the Rose Bowl. He could eventually take over the starting job over Steve McKinney.

    # 193 overall – Greg Threat – S / Miami
    We didn’t see much of him in college because he lost his starting job his senior year. Reminds me of a smaller Sean Taylor that could help out our special teams. Greg Threat could also end up being a steal.

    tell me what you think
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    I have to say I hate the Lendale White pick. Apart from that I don't mind what you have done here.

    I also think he won't get past Carolina and Pittsburgh
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    Some of y'all here who are in favor of a trade down keep saying that we need "boatloads" of picks for us to trade down. While some of you are quick to come up with teams trading away these picks by the boatload, you do not explain fully why. For example, if the Jets were to trade up with us we get all these pick from them. But the Jets are in no position to trade away all these pick for just one player. Some might even say that their team is in worser shape than ours. They need players all across the field. They need a running back, quarterback (ramsey and pennington aren't reliable), defensive players, left tackle etc. No way do I see the Jets or any other team giving away picks for one or two players. A guy like Reggie Bush will probably make a positive difference for the Jets (for this mock scenario I'm guessing the Jets pick Bush), but I still don't see them giving away picks for just one player. Yeah he's special, once in a lifetime type of player I still don't think they will give away their picks like this. The Texans have the right to look for this type of trade because we hold the no.1 pick and we have the opportunity to pick Bush, but that doesn't mean the rest of the league is stupid and will trade away their future.
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    Don't like the D'Brick pick, it should either be Mario or Reggie, and I am 100% confident that is all the Texans are looking at.

    Johnathan Joseph would be a gread pick.

    LenDale White at #33... I have mixed feelings here, if we don't get Bush I could see adding another RB and getting a power RB at that, but I'm not sure I like spending that high of a pick on one, especially since I don't like D'Brick in the 1st round, so I think we need to look OT in the 2nd or 3rd.

    Wilkinson wouldn't be a bad choice here, probably would be one of the better options at LB that will be available here.

    Not really fond of the Darryl Tapp pick, he is a pretty good player but I don't see the point of us getting him.

    A.J. Nicholson I'm also not real fond of, he has talent but with his off field concerns I think we could find a better guy here.

    I don't like the Rashad Butler pick, he's not especially athletic, he's weak, and he seems like more of a pansy than what I want on my OLine.

    Pinegar is an ok QB but he's very slow and I don't think he fits the system very well.

    Will Allen would be ok, I won't gripe much one way or another about a 6th round pick.

    Greg Threat would be a pretty nice pickup this late in the draft, I don't expect him to contribute a whole lot and I would prefer to look at a safety earlier in the draft, but he isn't a bad idea at this point in the draft.
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    I'm not sure the Jets would trade away that many picks to move up 3 spots. You have to ask yourself "Would I do that if I were at pick four?".......

    Most of the picks you have listed here I like except for Lendale. He seems to have issues. I really like the Joseph, Wilkinson and Tapp picks. Also not sure we need another Fresno QB. Don't we have enough of them?

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