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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TANSTAAFL, Nov 9, 2006.


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    May 19, 2006
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    Apr 24, 2005
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    Great article. Shows that he is growing in confidence.

    I think all the Bush hype was weighing him down. You could see him after his first sack, he just swelled up and has been ripping it up ever since that first sack.

    If he finishes out strong (doesn't become un-focused) we'll see an entirely new nation-wide perspective on our team.
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    I agree you can see Mario growing every game. I know that I saw at least 2 plays Sunday where he threw the OL out of his way literally. I was skeptical of Mario at first,I was one that wanted Bush. Thank God I don't make the decisions. I believe our current staff is pretty darn smart when it comes to judging talent. You look at Mario, De Meco, and Daniels they are all making their mark already. Spencer was looking really nice before the injury, Lundy shows signs of being a decent back. Only Winston for whatever reason is not playing much. So 5 out of 6 look to be solid NFL caliber players, not bad. Sorry got of subject a little. So good choice for the Texan FO,and lets do it again next year.... just not the 1st overall pick!:fireball:
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    To think its only been 8 games...Think about that learning be honest there is alot of untapped potential there also. Think when he learns some new moves and improves his could get out of hand.

    Im still waiting for my roommates to apologize for the endless torture I had to undergo when we selected Williams. Best part is 2 of them are Bengals (the Bungels now) and Redskins (Who s d for d) fan. Who is the sucker now?
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    I wish that there were more people that would say "Texans made the right decision." The issue hasn't even been discussed now that there actually playing in the NFL, which is pretty dumb when you here more about there projections rather than what they've done on the field.
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    Onward, Upward, and back into the Trees
    At least Justice is being objective and admitting his own misgivings about Mario. It takes a man to admit that he could be wrong, so I've got to give him some props for that.

    I just hope Williams keeps improving, and we see the beast unleashed over the next 8 games. He's made big strides since his first game, but he's got to keep pushing it and stay determined to be the best.

    "Experts" are a dime-a-dozen, and this year's draft is a shining example that they are not fortune tellers any more than the rest of us. Next time I hear one of these pundits say a player is so good that the NFL will have to change it's rules, I think I'll just laugh and point at them with my pointin'-stick.

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