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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by amazingandre, Jan 24, 2007.

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    ok yesterday i said landry smith then hughes......i got mixxed i thought what would make us better than that even????
    well say we get michael lewis in fa he could play safety.....
    so in the first i say get paul posluszny and put him opposite of mario willaims but as a lb of course that way we have ryans and him stuffing the left side and we all know that do NOT run towards mario already imagine him healthy.....
    then in the 2nd i said smith but i think hughes would be a safer pick plus we neeed a number 2 corner.....only thing that i got agaisnt him is he isnt mind blowing fast, but thats why we have d rob....
    then in the 3rd we could go kolb, stanton, or dl or ol..........
    i think we would improve sooo much with that on d......thoughts?
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    We need a true FS to play FS. isn't lewis more of a SS? If so I think we're fine with earl/brown at SS although lewis would be an upgrade...we need a bigger one at FS.

    I'm not big on poz at all like most people are. if we select him at 8 i'll poke myself in the eye...he better turn out to be better than demeco if thats the case. i would rather take my chances on many other players than him in the 1st. He won't be the BPA when we LB isn't one of our biggest needs...even though we need upgrades. I'd rather us go DE,DT, FS, CB in the 1st than puz...oh and throw in OL, Peterson.

    A lot of people are high on Kolb. I havn't seen him play so i'm not going to comment to much. I think we could probably find starters for us on ol or d in the 3rd..but definitly think we need to get a qb to groom. If Kubiak and Co. select a quarterback any round, I'll be okay with that (to an extent) After all they know a lot more than I /...We do. If they think he could be the real deal, I'm all for it.

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