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    after observing the senior bowl practices and game, i have changed my draft a bit and added a 2nd round.

    i have player comparisons as well as other players you should consider for that pick.

    ROUND 1

    1. Houston Texans- Bush, Reggie, RB USC
    No brainer here in my opinion. They won’t be able to find a suitable trade. Bush is a great talent and they can’t pass on him. He and Dom Davis could be the best 1-2 punch in the league for the next 5 years. People worry about his workload, but if he gets 12-15 carries, 3-6 catches and he returns punts/kicks, he will be great. For all you that dont like Reggie and dont like the Reggie/Dom situation, look at what Kubiak did with Mike Anderson and Tatum Bell. Dom and Reggie could be twice as good as them. NFL Comparison: Marshall Faulk. Also Consider: Trading down with the Jets and taking D’Brickashaw Ferguson

    2. New Orleans Saints- Young, Vince, QB Texas
    Many people like Leinart here, but I think they will go with Young. Think about it. New Orleans will need to attract fans. They also just got Sean Payton as their coach. He was a former QB coach. People say Young's only weakness is his passing. If anyone could help Young improve on that, it’s Payton. NFL Comparison: Daunte Culpepper. Also Consider: Matt Leinart

    3. Tennessee Titans- Leinart, Matt, QB USC
    With Young gone, Leinart is the obvious choice. They need a successor to Steve McNair. Will be paired up with former USC coordinator Norm Chow. NFL Comparison: Tom Brady. Also Consider: D’Brickashaw Ferguson

    4. New York Jets- Ferguson, D'Brickashaw, OT Virginia
    Bush, Leinart, and Young are gone, so they will go with the sure thing in D'Brick. His stock has actually gone up since the start of the Senior Bowl practices, where he has dominated guys like Kiwanuka. He just continues to impress. NFL Comparison: Walter Jones. Also Consider: AJ Hawk

    5. Green Bay Packers- Hawk, A.J., LB Ohio St.
    Great speed, doesn’t miss many tackles. With Gbaja-Biamila and Aaron Kampman, I don’t think Mario Williams is the best choice for the Packers. Would look good along with Nick Barnett. I have heard some buzz that the Pack may trade down with a team like the 49ers and take LenDale White. But I don’t think that is going to happen. NFL Comparison: Brian Urlacher. Also Consider: Mario Williams

    6. Oakland Raiders- Williams, Mario, DE North Carolina St
    Great athleticism, will make any defense better. In my opinion, he is the best defensive player available. NFL Comparison: Julius Peppers. Also Consider: Haloti Ngata

    7. San Francisco 49ers- Davis, Vernon, TE Maryland
    Alex Smith needs someone to throw to. Davis is the best receiving threat available in my opinion. Maybe the most athletic tight end ever to enter the draft. Has been timed at 4.41 in the 40. Unbelievable work ethic. Incredibly hard to bring down. NFL Comparison: Kellen Winslow. Also Consider: Michael Huff

    8. Buffalo Bills- Ngata, Haloti, DT Oregon
    The Bills run D was awful last year. Ngata will sure it up a bit. He is also very athletic and will provide some sacks. NFL Comparison: Kevin Williams. Also Consider: Michael Huff

    9. Detroit Lions- Justice, Winston, OT USC
    Cutler is a popular pick here, but I am having second doubts after his 6-19 Senior Bowl performance. Matt Millen has a history of taking the best available talent, and although Cutler is a very good quarterback prospect, I’m not so sure he is top 10 talent. Cutler is still a possibility here. Kevin Jones had an off year and I thought that some of the problem was the line. Justice is a guy who could start right away and make an impact. His stock is rising and the Lions jump on him at pick 9. NFL Comparison: Chris Samuels. Also Consider: Jay Cutler

    10. Arizona Cardinals- Williams, DeAngelo, RB Memphis
    size, but was really impressing was that he put up great numbers on a team that did not have a very good line and also didn’t really have any other impact skill players. NFL Comparison: Edgerrin James. Also Consider: LenDale White

    11. St. Louis Rams- Huff, Michael, S Texas
    Can play corner and safety, very versatile, good size. Solid tackler. NFL Comparison: Brian Dawkins. Also Consider: Demeco Ryans

    12. Cleveland Browns- Ryans, Demeco, LB Alabama
    Undersized, but has decent speed and he is a good tackler. Proven leader. NFL Comparison: Derrick Brooks. Also Consider: LenDale White

    13. Baltimore Ravens- White, LenDale, RB USC
    I think Jamal Lewis is done in Baltimore, LenDale White is a perfect replacement. Powerful, good speed, good feet. Also a great redzone/goalline back. NFL Comparison: Jamal Lewis(when he ran for 2000 yards) Also Consider: Mathias Kiwanuka

    14. Philadelphia Eagles- Greenway, Chad, LB Iowa
    I originally had Santonio Holmes going here, but I don’t think the Eagles are willing to go that high on him. This is a very weak wide receiver class. Greenway is a sure tackler who will very much improve Philly’s linebacking core. Great size. NFL Comparison: Mike Vrabel. Also Consider: Santonio Holmes

    15. Atlanta Falcons- Kiwanuka, Mathias, DE Boston College
    Good speed off the edge, good potential. Will add speed to a somewhat slow Atlanta defensive line. Kiwanuka is a good choice here, even though his stock is falling. NFL Comparison: Jevon Kearse. Also Consider: Tamba Hali

    16. Miami Dolphins- Cutler, Jay, QB Vanderbilt
    The Dolphins get their guy Cutler to fall to them at 16. Good size (6’4” 225). Deceptively athletic. NFL Comparison: Matt Hasselbeck. Also Consider: Jimmy Williams

    17. Minnesota Vikings- Maroney, Laurence, RB Minnesota
    Only weighs about 205, but runs like he’s 225. Good quickness. He is always a threat to break a big one. NFL Comparison: Tiki Barber. Also Consider: Bobby Carpenter

    18. Dallas Cowboys- Holmes Santonio, WR Ohio State
    Glenn and Keyshawn are old, they will jump on Holmes if he falls to them at 18. Good speed and hands. They would also like Maroney or LenDale to fall to them. NFL Comparison: Derrick Mason. Also Consider: Jimmy Williams

    19. San Diego Chargers- Williams, Jimmy, CB Va Tech
    Good size/speed combination. Can bump a guy at the line, but has the speed to run with guys. Stock is falling though. NFL Comparison: Gary Baxter. Also Consider: Ko Simpson

    20. Kansas City Chiefs- Hali, Tamba, DE Penn St.
    The Chiefs would like to pick up a receiver here, but with Holmes off the board, they look to defense. Hali is a steal at #20 NFL Comparison: Terrell Suggs. Also Consider: Derek Hagan

    21. New England Patriots- Hill, Tye, CB Clemson
    The secondary is depleted in New England. Hill is undersized but very fast, and he will add valuable depth to a somewhat weak NE secondary. NFL Comparison: Dre’ Bly. Also Consider: Bobby Carpenter

    22. Denver Broncos- Simpson, Ko, S South Carolina
    Undersized, but he has good speed and his stock is rising. He has good height (6’2”) Runs about a 4.48 40 so he can run with a lot of guys. Very physical. NFL Comparison: Lawyer Milloy. Also Consider: Leonard Pope

    23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Carpenter, Bobby, LB Ohio State
    Bucs D is getting old, so Carpenter should help their linebacking core. Very good speed for his size. NFL Comparison: Keith Brooking. Also Consider: Antonio Cromartie

    24. Cincinnati Bengals- Cromartie, Antonio, CB FSU
    He had been hurt so his stock had begun to fall, but it is starting to rise again. The Tampa defense is getting a little old and there are no standout offensive linemen or defensive linemen that are worth this pick. Rare size at 6’3” 210 lbs for a corner. Bengals could move him to safety to replace Kaesviharn. NFL Comparison: Chris McAlister. Also Consider: Ernie Sims

    25. New York Giants- Sims, Ernie, LB Iowa
    The Giants are very short on linebackers. Sims is very athletic and fast. NFL Comparison: Donnie Edwards. Also Consider: Thomas Howard

    26. Chicago Bears- Pope, Leonard, TE Georgia
    Awesome size (6'7" 255) Good hands. NFL Comparison: Ben Watson. Also Consider: Sinorice Moss

    27. Carolina Panthers- Hagan, Derek, WR ASU
    They would really like a running back to fall to them here, but that’s not gonna happen. Good size (6’1” 205) and he can stretch the field. They really need someone to go along with Steve Smith. They hoped Keary Colbert could do it, but he hasn’t done much. Hagan will probably be the slot man but will challenge Colbert for a starting spot. NFL Comparison: TJ Houshmandzadeh. Also Consider: Thomas Howard

    28. Jacksonville Jaguars- Howard, Thomas, LB UTEP
    The fastest linebacker in the draft, runs a 4.45 and he is 6’3” 234 lbs. Has the ability to be great in pass coverage. He is undersized, but if he is used correctly, he can be very good. Should rush the passer pretty well. Great Potential. May crack top 20 by the time the combine rolls around. NFL Comparison: Robert Mathis. Also Consider: Anthony Fasano

    29. Denver Broncos- Moss, Sinorice, WR Miami (FL)
    Blazing speed, without a doubt the fastest receiver in the draft. Rod Smith is getting old, Lelie has underachieved a tad bit. Can stretch the field. It’s a perfect situation. I see Rod Smith staying back for one more year. So Smith will come back as the #1, Lelie will be #2, and Moss would fit in perfect in the slot. He can do alot of different things. Could return kicks. Could be a little like Antwaan Randel El, and come around on end-arounds and other gadget plays. After Rod retires, Moss could turn into a Steve Smith type player. People may think this is a little high, but his stock will rise by the time of the combine. I think he is an early 2nd rounder at worst. The Bears could go for him at #26. NFL Comparison: Steve Smith. Also Consider: Marcedes Lewis

    30. Indianapolis Colts- Jackson, Chad, WR Florida
    Good size at 6’1” 205. I don’t see the Colts resigning Reggie Wayne with Freeney and James being FAs as well. There aren’t any standout defensive players available. This all depends on whether Reggie Wayne is back with the team. Also Consider: D’Qwell Jackson

    31. Pittsburgh Steelers- Youboty, Ashton, CB Ohio State
    Polamalu is great, but the rest of the secondary needs help. Hill, Landry, and Simpson, and Cromartie are all gone, so they go with Youboty. Good height at 6’1” Decent 40 yard dash time (4.45) NFL Comparison: Rashean Mathis. Also Consider: Darnell Bing

    32. Seattle Seahawks- Wroten, Claude, DT LSU
    A little undersized, but very experienced. Very consistent. Good potential. Very strong at 6’2” 293. NFL Comparison: La’Roi Glover. Also Consider: Darryl Tapp

    ROUND 2

    33. Houston Texans- Winston, Eric, OT Miami (FL)
    NFL Comparison: Ryan Diem. Also Consider: Anthony Fasano

    34. New Orleans Saints- D’Qwell, Jackson, LB Maryland
    NFL Comparison: Keith Bulluck. Also Consider: Charles Gordon

    35. New York Jets- Calhoun, Brian, RB Wisconsin
    NFL Comparison: Warrick Dunn. Also Consider: Omar Jacobs

    36. Green Bay Packers- Addai, Joseph, RB LSU
    NFL Comparison: DeShaun Foster. Also Consider: Broderick Bunkley

    37. Oakland Raiders- Lewis, Marcedes, TE UCLA
    NFL Comparison: LJ Smith. Also Consider: Omar Jacobs

    38. San Francisco 49ers- Zemaitis, Alan, CB Penn State
    NFL Comparison: Shawn Springs. Also Consider: Darnell Bing

    39. Tennessee Titans- Baskett, Hank, WR New Mexico
    NFL Comparison: Muhsin Muhammed. Also Consider: Manny Lawson

    40. Detroit Lions- Jacobs, Omar, QB Bowling Green
    NFL Comparison: Steve McNair. Also Consider: Darryl Tapp

    41.. Arizona Cardinals- Bing, Darnell, USC
    NFL Comparison: Troy Polamalu. Also Consider: Abdul Hodge

    42. Buffalo Bills- Fasano, Anthony, TE Notre Dame
    NFL Comparison: Todd Heap. Also Consider: Bernard Pollard

    43. Cleveland Browns- Tapp, Darryl, DE VA Tech
    NFL Comparison: Joey Porter. Also Consider: Richard Marshall

    44. Baltimore Ravens- McNeil, Marcus, OT Auburn
    NFL Comparison: Willie Anderson. Also Consder: Stanley McClover

    45. Philadelphia Eagles- Nance, Martin, WR Miami (OH)
    NFL Comparison: Chris Henry. Also Consider: Demtrius Williams

    46. St. Louis Rams- Hodge, Abdul, LB Iowa
    NFL Comparison: Dan Morgan. Also Consider: Elvis Dumervil

    47. Atlanta Falcons- Blue, Greg, S Georgia
    NFL Comparison: Michael Lewis. Also Consider: Kelly Jennings

    48. Minnesota Vikings- Bunkley, Broderick, DT FSU
    NFL Comparison: Chris Hovan. Also Consider: Kelly Jennings

    49. Dallas Cowboys- Scott, Jonathan, OT Texas
    NFL Comparison: Robert Gallery. Also Consider: Mike Hass

    50. San Diego Chargers- Jennings, Kelly, CB Miami (FL)
    NFL Comparison: Samari Rolle. Also Consider: Greg Lee

    51. Miami Dolphins- Havner, Spencer, LB UCLA
    NFL Comparison: Julian Peterson. Also Consider: AJ Nicholson

    52. Kansas City Chiefs- Hass, Mike, WR Oregon State
    NFL Comparison: Hines Ward. Also Consider: Orien Harris

    53. New England Patriots- Drew, Maurice, UCLA
    NFL Comparison: Brian Westbrook. Also Consider: Cedric Griffin

    54. Washington Redskins- Lawson, Manny, DE NCST
    NFL Comparison: Robert Mathis. Also Consider: Maurice Stovall

    55. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Whitworth, Andrew, OT LSU
    NFL Comparison: Marvel Smith. Also Consider: Ryan O’Callaghan

    56. Cincinnati Bengals- Wright, Rodrique, DT Texas
    NFL Comparison: Albert Haynesworth. Also Consider: Max Jean Gilles

    57. New York Giants- O’Callaghan, Ryan, OT BC
    NFL Comparison: Orlando Pace. Also Consider: Darryn Colledge

    58. Chicago Bears- Stovall, Maurice, WR Notre Dame
    NFL Comparison: Mike Williams. Also Consider: Jason Avant

    59. Carolina Panthers- Byrd, Dominique, TE USC
    NFL Comparison: Alge Crumpler. Also Consider: Max Jean-Gilles

    60. Jacksonville Jaguars- Dumervil, Elvis, DE Louisville
    NFL Comparison: Dwight Freeney. Also Consider: Joe Klopfenstein

    61. Denver Broncos- Colledge, Darryn, OT Boise State
    NFL Comparison: Todd Weiner. Also Consider: Ray Edwards

    62. Indianapolis Colts- Jean-Gilles, Max, OG Georgia
    NFL Comparison: Leonard Davis. Also Consider: Devin Hester

    63. Pittsburgh Steelers- Mangold, Nick, C Ohio State
    NFL Comparison: Kevin Mawae. Also Consider: Ray Edwards

    64. Seattle Seahawks- Hester, Devin, CB/KR/WR/RB, Miami (FL)
    NFL Comparison: Antwaan Randel El. Also Consider: Ray Edwards
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    You know the players name, past that I dont think this draft makes any sense. You have guys that are third rounders in the first round and second rounders that well arent that good. I mean I understand what you are trying to do and thanks for the different perspectives. Once again you put a LB over a DE, and you had teams drafting names not BPA or needs. Were the Hell are you getting your NFL comparisons from because they are just laughable. Don't mean to come off hating but I believe you can do better.
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    Well i don't think moss will b picked in th 1st round, mayb even not the 2nd. Also, i am a big buc fan and i am pretty sure the Bucs r getting McNeil from Auburn. I tihkn they will get Defense in the 2nd
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    12. Cleveland Browns- Ryans, Demeco, LB Alabama

    Up to here this mock looked really good but I just can't see why the Browns would pick an undersized 4-3 LB thats slow over a prototypical 3-4 LB with great size and great speed.

    18. Dallas Cowboys- Holmes Santonio, WR Ohio State

    Great pick here w/ a nice explanation

    23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Carpenter, Bobby, LB Ohio State

    Bucs need an OT way more than they do an LB and at this point Bobby isn't worth an early 20

    24. Cincinnati Bengals- Cromartie, Antonio, CB FSU

    Bengals need a safety more than a CB

    25. New York Giants- Sims, Ernie, LB Iowa

    At this point I don't think Sims is worth a 1st and with other needs the Giants could address LB at a later round if all they got to choose from is Sims

    29. Denver Broncos- Moss, Sinorice, WR Miami (FL)

    After the combine this pick will be very realistic

    30. Indianapolis Colts- Jackson, Chad, WR Florida

    Unless Wayne is gone this pick is very doubtful, and even then its still gonna have to be considered heavily since Jackson isn't outstanding enough to really be in the 1st

    37. Oakland Raiders- Lewis, Marcedes, TE UCLA
    NFL Comparison: LJ Smith. Also Consider: Omar Jacobs

    Jacobs is more important since Anderson did a good job this season at TE for them

    41.. Arizona Cardinals- Bing, Darnell, USC
    NFL Comparison: Troy Polamalu. Also Consider: Abdul Hodge

    Bing should go in the 1st if not the early 2nd not here

    44. Baltimore Ravens- McNeil, Marcus, OT Auburn
    NFL Comparison: Willie Anderson. Also Consder: Stanley McClover

    I think this is WAY to late for the giant

    47. Atlanta Falcons- Blue, Greg, S Georgia
    NFL Comparison: Michael Lewis. Also Consider: Kelly Jennings

    Great pick

    59. Carolina Panthers- Byrd, Dominique, TE USC
    NFL Comparison: Alge Crumpler. Also Consider: Max Jean-Gilles

    Another great pick
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    I dont see the cowboys going with a WR in round 1 but I could be wrong...My guess for the cowboys in round one would be whoever they think will fit into their system the best out of a MLB - to replace dat, FS, or a OT.

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