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    My friend Sharon helps run this facility for children in CPS care. It’s a temporary facility for children to go to when they are immediately removed from their home and before they are placed in foster care.
    She has done an awesome job with working with these children, and many of them come to look at her as a mother they never had.
    Their stories are heart wrenching. We truly do not have the first clue as to what many of these children have seen or been through we have been so blessed to come from good families and homes.
    Kidz Harbor has an 8000 sq foot house on its property but it is in really bad shape and was damaged even more during Hurricane Ike. An ministry organization has volunteered to renovate the home to make it a permanent facility for some of the CPS children to live in till they turn 18. What a great vision that is to provide a safe and loving environment for these children to stay in permanently!
    So they are trying to win a grant for $50,000 to complete the work on the house.

    This is where they need your help!

    Check out the link below to Kidz Harbor’s website. It will send you to a link where you can vote. You can vote every day. But please, don’t vote for other groups! I know their visions are good too but we are trying to help Kidz Harbor here! There are 82 organizations in the $50,000 grant category. The top 10 groups will win the grant. Right now Kidz Harbor is in 19th place.
    So please vote, vote, vote and help get them in that top ten spot.

    PLEASE pass this along to anyone you know that will be willing to help these kids. God has truly blessed Sharon and her cousin Angie and they work super hard to give these children a life that they might not otherwise have had.

    THANK YOU!! I know these children will appreciate it!


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