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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by NitroGSXR, May 18, 2007.

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    I'm Deaf and I just watched the video of today's OTA on the Texans' site. Can anyone give me a brief synopsis of what was said? Specifically Kubiak and the 'injuries' as well as his insight on Okoye.

    Anything else that you guys felt was important would also be appreciated. Don't mean to be a crutch but I'm just psyched!

    On a side note, is it me or does it look like that a box of rocks could outwit him? He just looks dumb. I'm excited about him, don't get me wrong.
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    wish I could help, but I am at work, and can't view it. Maybe someone can help you out, and help me out as well. :fans:
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    This will be a really quick version, as I'm trying to work today, but here we go.

    Injury is to Luke Smith-Anderson the UDFA TE from Idaho. A small fracture in his foot that'll keep him out till the mid point of training camp. He's the only one.

    Okoye, looked like he was lining up at LDT, and Kubiak said that he'll be able to generate a pass-rush on the inside. Which is why the drafted him.

    The battle for starting C is on.

    There is apparently a bigger palybook this year, for both sides of the ball, and the coaches are not holding alot back nor is much being dumbed down.

    The mini interview with Jacoby Jones lead me to believe that the kid has his head right with ball.

    And that's all. I'm sure somebody will have a more complete wrap up, but there's the nickle and dime version.
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    Let's see what I can remember...

    Injuries: Smith-Anderson : Foot should be back for training camp.

    Defense looked good today, offense stumbled a bit. Kubiak thinks it's because they may have given them too much in three days. Kubes likes what he's seeing in Okoye.

    Jacoby Jones called Andre Johnson a Freak. He said, watching a guy that big move that fast is just amazing. He wants to take some of Andre's moves and use them himself. He very much understands that he's a raw player and needs to improve at everything.

    Dunta thought the defense ran really well. He likes being farther along this year compared to last year.

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