NCAA panel alters several rules for football

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    Straight Outta Austin,0,7992080.story?coll=orl-sports-headlines

    Last season, the NCAA wanted to speed up football games. Next season, it wants more plays.

    The rules oversight panel approved Thursday two major timing changes that would revert the rules to what they were in 2005 -- stopping the clock on possession changes and not starting it on kickoffs until the receiving team touches the ball.

    In February, the football rules committee recommended going back to the old system. After meeting with the American Football Coaches Association in March, the oversight panel agreed.

    The 2006 changes reduced average game lengths in Division I-A to 3 hours, 7 minutes, a drop of about 14 minutes, meeting a goal the committee had set. But the changes also resulted in about 14 fewer plays per game in Division I-A.

    "All levels of football were against that rule," Oregon Coach Mike Bellotti said in February. "We're trying to restore plays and go back to the 2005 rule."
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    Good move....I didn't like the rule changes.

    I don't understand the big push to shorten games. I can't remember once ever thinking "man this football game is too long". 3.5 hours is fine by me.

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