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    Our Houston Texans concluded the 2006 season yesterday with a 14-6 win over the Cleveland Browns to finish the season at 6-10.

    It feels good to end the season on such a high note. We won consecutive games for the first time in over 2 years. We tripled our win total from last season. We won our first season finale in franchise history and we now have alot of momentum heading into the offseason and next season.

    Our guys played very hard once again yesterday for 4 quarters. We found a way to win the game which is key and we have done that in a couple games this year. One area may not be doing good but other areas step up and get us the win and a prime example was the defense in the game yesterday and thats important.

    In terms of the rushing game in yesterday's game, Ronnie Dayne got hurt in pregame warmups according to Coach Kubiak, so we had to go with Chris Taylor alot more than we planned to, which may have been a good thing. He did a few nice things in the Indianapolis game and really played well for us against Cleveland. The kid has tremendous speed, he picked up yards after contact, he may be a little anxious at times again, which may be common with the younger backs and he put the ball on the ground once although we were lucky to recover, but he had 99 yards on 20 touches which is solid.

    He only adds to the strength we have at the running back position. You know, early in the year I mentioned we had three solid backs in Gado, Lundy and Dayne and we have seen that now. Add into the mix Chris Taylor and Domanick Davis. We have overwhelming talent in the backfield and two rookies. This really excites me for the future. Obviously, we can't use them all or keep them all for that matter. However, we are running the ball pretty well recently this year and thats crutial in this leauge. Our offensive line does a pretty good job run blocking as well and this is really what Kubiak is doing here just like he did at Denver, where if you remember Denver could put anybody in that backfield with that system and no matter who it was they could rush for over 100 yards per game and we're starting to see that here I think. This run game really excites me for the future.

    In terms of the passing game yesterday, obviously not the best game, but it was not extremely horrible either. We certainly left some yards on the field. David Carr did throw a pic in the redzone in the first half as well on a ball that was tipped as well. However, they moved the ball through the air a little at times and hey it was enough to get the win the way the defense was playing.

    The passing game has not been great at times this season however, so it's something we are going to have to work on for next year. It will just take time with a totally new system Kubiak is brining in, takes time to fully develop.

    In terms of David Carr I think you now my position on him by now. He's our Quarterback for the long run I feel. I have always believe that and he's just going through a rough time right now adjusting to the new offensive scheme. He is still learning it and does he need to get better? Yes, But can he? Yes.
    I think the team wants him back, they support him. Working with Kubiak and contiuing to study the new offense, he'll contiue to improve which he has in some areas this season. For example, his completion percentage is way up. He can make plays with his legs which shows his mobility. He has the tools and we need to stick with him, he knows how to deal with the rough times which is key at the QB position I think, and he's our man and I'll continue backing him until he's not which hopefully is not for awhile.

    Overall with the offense yesterday, it was going to be a tough game. We had Dayne go down in pregrame and he was obviously a big part of our gameplan and we had Jeb Putzier go down in pregrame as well, and that's crazy and it likely took alot out of our offense right there. I hate to make excuses, but that may be why we struggled some.

    Otherwise, a pretty good run game. The pass game struggled some. However, all that matters was, again, we did enough to win the game. This will be something to work on next year however, we have a young team and new scheme however and it's tough at first.

    Defensively, they played their tails off for our team once again. They won us the game and it's not the first game this year they have. They have really improved ever since those first three games and credit coach Richard Smith. He has done a tremendous job with these guys as I have previously said in the transition from 3-4 to 4-3. They are aggresive which I like. Players step up alot more. They are still learning and can improve and they will, and thats the exciting part, as good as they've been this year, they will only continue to get better and they grow into the system.

    When bad things happen to them such as an offsides on 3rd and 3 and the opposing offense gets the first down, the old defense would fold it in on that drive, but not this new defense this year and that's key. They keep fighting. You know, they are that bend but dont break style defense which I have been saying which I like. They'll let you get down their sometimes then really batten down and step up.

    I liked us getting those turnovers Sunday, another aspect the defense has improved on over the course of this year. We were stopping people but we couldn't get turnovers and then they just started coming. We got 3 against the Browns, two fumbles and a pic. They were all at key points in the game as well.

    In terms of the future on the defense, obviously it's very exciting as they are young and will only get better. We have DeMeco Ryans and Mario Williams. Right there, thats outstanding. Both had solid rookie campaigns and they both will get better. Keep in mind, Marioo played alot of the season hurt and still did good things so give him credit.

    We found some great tackles in Anthony Maddox and Thomas Johnson.You know, both were basically street guys coming into this year and now look at them. We found a couple games in these two, that's for sure. You know, when Seth Payne went down Maddox stepped in their and played very well for us. Both of these guys have a bright future with us, and they should only get better.

    Not to mention Dunta Robinson, Morlon Greenwood who has a fairly solid year, C.C. Brown who is stepping up more and I just continue to think we are building a defense here in Houston that can be very good for a very long time. We even had alot of injuries this year but players just stepped up and played very well right through them. You listen to the players at the end of that game and they feel they can have a top defense one day and the sky's the limit. We just need to stay focused, work hard and you never know but something's certainly brewing here.

    There are two things you must do in this leauge to be successful. You must run the ball well, and play solid defense. Well, we have been doing both pretty solid lately and we are a much improved team from last year as a result. Then, look at all the young talent we have at the running back position, look at all the young talent with have on defense. Let it speak for itself and the future of Houston Texan football.

    There are a couple areas obviously we need to improve on, like the passing game and the offensive line.

    Talking a little about the offensive line, you know they were beat up this year. Take Salaam for example, he wasn't even practicing and he still went out their and busted his ass for us every Sunday. So they were beat up and we also had young players on them. Young guys like Eric Winston who had to step in in the middle of the year and hopefully he has a good future with us, Drew Hodgon had to step in at the Center position and both those guys did a few good things for us. Hopefully we can get Charles Spencer going again after that bad injury he suffered earlier in the season. It will be tough to come back from but we'll see I hope he can.

    Next year our offensive line hopefully won't be as banged up snd young guys will settle in more and they can become a better unit. Keep in mind like I said earlier, they did a tremendous job run blocking for us this year but struggled at protecting the QB so we'll have to work on this.

    6-10 final record. It's an improvement. It shows progress. Then go back and look at the games we had but lost (Tennessee, Buffalo for example). We have a young team, young coaches, new schemes and will only improve hopefully. We finished very strong which we really never have before so heopfully this makes a difference next year.

    Fans, hang in there. We are close now, you can taste it. We have have certainly had our rough times but we are overcoming them. Our day is coming I think. We have potentail to become a consistent contender for the playoffs year in, year out. I always said stick with us through the bad times because it will make the good times that much better. I continue to say the good times are not that far off, they are not that far off at all right now.

    Great job cheering us on this year and supporting us those that did, the future of Houston Texan football is certainly bright.

    Stay tuned for future posts which will certainly follow up through this entire offseason.


    Go Texans! :logo:
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    Great post TexansAllTheWayBaby and thank you for all of posts you have made.

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