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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Dec 18, 2006.

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    Our Houston Texans fell to 4-10 on the season with yesterday's loss to the New England Patriots 40-7.

    Obviously, a poor performance by our Houston Texans, particularly offensively, as I said in my post game post following the game yesterday. There is really not much to say today that I didnt in my post yesterday.

    We just did not play well on the offensive side of the ball. That's straight foward and obvious. Our guy David Carr struggled greatly. He showed me nothing in that game, no leadership, mechanics, or anything a good quarterback demonstrates. He threw 4 interceptions, and just an ugly game on his, and the total offense's part.

    Like I said yesterday though, just because Carr struggled badly for that game, does not mean we abanden him. That does not mean we dish him like a bunch of ignorant pigs like some people have on this board. We will stick with him as long as he is the Quarterback of our Houston Texan football team, as he always has been. I still support him, he'll get better with Kubiak.

    Our passing game just stunk again, and we have to work hard and find a way to fix it. It's a new offensive scheme this year, it's taking time, and we have alot of work to do with it, but we can and will improve with it in the future.

    Running the ball, another great one. Ronnie Dayne stepped in once again and has a solid, solid day for the third straight ballgame. He picked up 94 yards, had a pretty solid day. My hat goes off to him once again. If we could just get something out of the passing game, that combine with this run game could make our offense a liegit threat so we'll have to certainly work on that.

    Defensively, just reiterating on some things I mentioned yesterday, they played well yesterday, the 40 points the Patriots scored was not their fault. As an offense, we put our d in alot of poor, poor situations and quite frankly, they made the most of them holding the Pats to FG's at times when defending a short field.

    Give our defense some credit, they did not play bad. They have played pretty solid for us really since game 3 or 4 this year for us, with maybe the exception of a few-breakdowns versus Tennessee last week, and they played solid yesterday as well, just were not given fair oppurtunites, and they still made the most of them.

    Our defense has played very well this year and this has really been the strong point of the team. I mean, we have alot on new players on the defense, alot of young players and rookies, new coaches and the new 4-3 scheme. Honestly, I did not think they would be near this good this year. Richard Smith has done a tremendous job with these guys, guys are stepping up like DeMeco, Mario, Morlon, Lional Dalton has showed some stuff as well as Thomas Johnson. And I have given this defense alot of praise this year. Granted, they are still learning and have made a few key mistakes this year at key times, but overall, we are exceeding expectations on this side of the ball and with all the youth we have on it, we got one hell of a future with it. Very exciting.

    Really, like I said yesterday, we did the most important things you can do to win in this leauge: run the ball well, play solid defense. And really, we have done both these things very, very well alot this season and that's very encouraging for the future with the 3 running back's we got plus if Domanick Davis returns. However, we also commited 4 turnovers last game, and that will absoluely kill you.

    The thing is, we can correct four turonvers, and when we do, the running game will keep playing solid and the defense will keep playing solid. And that just excites me.

    Granted, we obviously still have a tremendous amount of work to do. The main priority is obviously the passing game. We need to get better in this area. It has played very badly at times this season and just layoff David, he's our guy, it will take time, he'll get better. The offensive line is obviusly a big part of our poor passing game, and they're beat up. Alot of guys our beat up, not getting alot of practice in, but still busting their ass for our team on Sunday's so give those individuals credit. We also have alot of youth on the o-line with Winston and Hodgon, so it's bad right now, but injuries heal and young guys only get better as they gain experience, and really, thats just another positive for this football team in the future.

    Fans, I have said this before and I'll say it again. Stick with us through the bad times, it will only make the great times that much better. Our day will certainly come, we are headed in the right direction, it will just take some more time. We've shown improvement this year, and when you sit back and think about it a little, you relize that and the fact that this football team has a bright, bright future.

    Our next opponent will by no means be easy. The Indianapolis Colts will come to town. We have never beat them in our franchise history. This will obviously be just another tough game, tough test and tough challenge for our Texans, but its what we need right now, it's only going to make our team stronger in the long run.

    We can still accomplish a good deal these final two games. The most important, a strong finish. That is extremely important with this particular team in this particular season. We need to finish strong these last two games to have something to build onto heading into the offseason and into next year. We could also beat Indy for the first time ever, and if we would win out, we will have tripled our win total from last year, obviously another tremendous accomplishment.

    These final two games are very important for our Houston Texans.


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    David Carr has sucked since you were 12.
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    Just stop it.
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    ...and 13 paragraphs later...


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