My Thoughts our Texans loss vs. Tennessee

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Oct 29, 2006.

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    Our Houston Texans fell to rival Tennessee today, on a final score of 28-22. Our record fell to 2-5 on this season.

    I thought we played a very sloppy game today. I think we came out flat, not ready to play. We were penalized to much through the course of the game, had other simple mistakes such as Edell Shepard fair catching a punt at the 3 yard line, and these things hurt us.

    Another aspect which hurt us today were obviously the turnovers. We had 5 of them, which when you turn the ball over that many times, you really deserve to loose the football game.

    Offensively today against Tennessee, we played poorly in the first half. We managed only 3 points, got down their once but Carr threw an interception with a pass intended for Andre Johnson when he was basically covered by 4 Titan defenders, a bad play on Carr's part.

    Wali Lundy had a nice first half, he ran the ball well including having a 35 yard run.

    In the second half with our offense, we drove the ball very nicely on our first possesion, but Carr was sacked and had his 2nd fumble, and 3rd turnover.

    We then brought in backup QB Sage Rosenfels and on his first pass attempt I think it was, threw an interception on a pass intended for Andre Johnson. I do think this was on Andre Johnson as he should have caught this pass.

    After that interception on offense, I think our offense ralied behind Sage Rosenfels some, as we got 3 Touchdowns on 4 offensive possesions I believe. This was nice to see, but not enough unfortunately.

    Again, one bright spot in this offense today vs. Tennessee was the run game in Wali Lundy. He has now had 2 good games, and rushed for over 115 yards today. I think we found our running back. I like this kid, he is young and very talented and our future run game looks bright in his hands.

    Defensively, really not all that much to talk about. We played descent, only gave up 7 going into halftime (the other was on Carr's fumble.) We got alot of 3 and outs this game, and there was no red flags on the defensive side this game I don't believe.

    Mario Williams had a good game, he stepped up once again, and I was very impressed to see that. Mario recorded 4 tackles, and got a sack on Vince Young. He is still learning, and he is still going to make mistakes, but I really think he is going to be something real positive for us in the future, we still obviously need to have patience with him though.

    Overall, I do think we came out playing very sloppy today, particularly on offense. We were penalized to much, made to many simple mistakes, and again, I was very dissapointed with Carr's performance.

    David Carr took a step back today, he regressed a little bit. Do I think we should bench him and go with Sage? No. David Carr is a good quaterback, I have always believed that. He is the best way for our football team to go in the future. He is going to have his bad days, no doubt. He is still adjusting to new coaching, new players and a new offensive scheme, it, like I keep saying, will take some time. Overall, he is having a solid year and is improving. David Carr is the QB of our football team.

    The only thing we can do now is dust ourselves off as we have done in the past, learn from these games and get back to practicing and preparing hard, becuase we have a very tough New York Giant football team to face next week. Let's continue to fight hard and move foward.

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    Has anything changed? We will see DEC 10!!
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    Isn't life tough enough with our own trolls that we allow an outsider to dig up four week old post. Flush this guy.

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