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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Goldensilence, Sep 13, 2010.

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    Been a while since I've been around and posted anything. I did manage to watch most of the game though. Just wanted to share a few of my thoughts.

    1. Oline looked good. Real good in the running game, and struggled at times in pass protection. This is understandable considering they faced two really quick guys outside in Mathis and Freeney. Overall an A.

    2. Leach was out there destroying people. I hope the rest of the league took notice.

    3. Db play did concern me. However, they were facing Manning and a pleothora of weapons at his disposal. I think we did play a lot more cover but, could be looking at going to man agaisnt Washington. Probably will play cover against Dallas as well. Jackson was good in run support and managed to make a few plays in pass defense. I do agree wtih CB that he needs to get better, and I think he will.

    4. KW, great route on the TD catch. That's why we resigned him and I'm so glad we did.

    5. OD didn't do much in the passing game, which sucks because he was my fantasy starter at TE, but he laid down some critical blocks in the run game. While he's getting toally healthy to me that's a sign he's really turning into an elite all around TE. If he stays healthy he's going to get paid by the Texans.

    6. Look, I'm not calling for Leinart or anything, but Matt Schaub floated a few balls that could've gone for scores. I know one he didn't get to step into but, his arm strength concerns me. Nit picky I know, but it stood out.

    7. Coming into the second half I was concerned about yet another collapse. I liked that Dennison started to pound the ball. I saw something that I haven't in this offense before, they enforced their will on an opposing defense. It was a nice adjustment. I can't beleive I just said that.

    8. Mario Williams, lights out play. He was dominant. A. Smith got pressure from anywhere he lined up, really impressive game today. Great job by the De's today. I know I haven't been the biggest Barwin advocate, but I was a bit upset to see him carted off. I had hopes that he could play a big part in this defense taking another step.

    9. Continuing on defense, obivously we really need to get Cushing back. He really transforms the LBer unit. They are good technicians and pretty solid tacklers, but they lack sideline to sideline speed. However, this is somewhat compensated by having CBs who are really good in run suppoort.

    10. Surprise player of the day: Amobi Okoye. I can only cross my fingers and hope it continues.

    11. I like the Slaton and Foster combo. Foster has a surprise burst that you wouldn't think given his size and Slaton is perfect in the change up back role. Still a tenacious runner.

    Overall I was really happy with such a big win to start the season. Going in I thought we had a shot but, man... I didn't think we'd put up the kind of numbers we did.
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    Actually, I hope they all ignore it =P
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    ^^^This! Outstanding performance by Okoye.
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    Totally agree Goldensilence.

    Especially with the Foster has a burst you wouldn't expect for someone his size, & Slaton is a tough little so-&-so for someone his size,

    & very good game by Okoye.

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