My Thoughts on Victory vs. Miami

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Oct 1, 2006.

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    Our Houston Texans earned their first win of the season today by defeating the Miami Dolphins, 17-15 at home. Our record improved to 1-3 with this victory.

    I am very proud of the way our guys fought this game. I think this is one of the greater moments in Houston Texan history, as we played great on both sides of the ball. Head coach Gary Kubiak got dunked, Reliant Stadium was alive, It was such a wonderful feeling.

    Offensively, I tought we played good. We struggled some in the first half, only scoring 3 points. Howeve,r the offense played solid and put up points when they needed to at the end of the third quarter/start of the 4th quarter with the touchdown drive, then again in the 4th with another touchdown to go up 17-6. The mark of a good offense is scoring in the clutch, and boy did we do that today. Great job by the o-line, Carr, Johnson, Moulds and Dayne who stepped up the second half.

    Defensively, great game! Head coach Gary Kubiak called them out some after last week's loss to Washington, and they took it like men and responded with positive play today. In particular, Mario Williams. I am very proud of this kid. He took his critisism from Kubiak, said he accepts it and needed to lead the defense better and step up, and boy he did that today! Almsot 2 sacks, and he also opended it up for other players to pressure Culpepper when we blitzed.

    Our defense also got off the field on most of Miami's 3rd down attempts. This was great to see, the defense stepped up and I am proud of them. Our denfense also played well against the run, we stopped Ronnie Brown to 49 yards, very impressive. I thought this was a great performance by our defense, and it is really developing.

    Overall, great win for our Texans today! I said this game could very well be our first win. I also said that we can still have success this season, and today's win was a huge step in that direction.

    I really feel this team is indeed turning the corner. Like I said, we had a bump in the road with a slow start, but for those of you fans that have stuck with us since last year's bad season (which there are alot of you), these are the moments we live for!

    We have a long way to go, still have alot of work to do. This is a big win for our team, fans and community. Let's build off of this win heading into our bye week, rest up some wounds and get ready to battle you know who, the Dallas Cowboys.

    Huge win today, I'm proud of our team, but we still have work to do, but this team may have very well turned the corner with this victory!

    Great job cheering us on today fans,
    GO TEXANS!:gotexans1
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    Nice post.

    It definitely felt like a turned corner.
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    It was SOOOOO refreshing to actually hear the crowd CHEER louder than they booed!!!

    Seriously, I can't say I've heard us cheer that loud in over a year.

    GREAT win guys! What a wonderful note to head into a bye-week.

    Maybe that will slow-down the haters that flood 610 radio & this board that keep commenting about how CRAP our team is.

    I know :pigfly:

    But it's worth a try :D

    Kudos to the TEXANS!:superman:
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    I was there and it was nice to see Kubiak and the kids get a win. Defense had some good stops and you could really see a difference in the play of Mario. AJ is having a ProBowl year and having Moulds around is making a big difference. Running game was poor again but I'm sure Kub will keep working to get it right. They might as well shelve the bootleg without a good running game because Miami and Washington were all over it. Need to put Shepherd in permanently on returns. Buchanon always wants to run sideways and Shepherd just runs north and south.....he had a great runback from deep in the end zone. The passing game is working well and if they could get a decent running game I wouldn't be surprised to see Carr with some 300 yd games. Ryans was again all over the field and gets my vote for Defensive Rookie of the year. Just my two cents but all in all it was a good effort and they deserved the win. Also, my vote for dumb call of the game was Saban giving the ball to Ronnie Brown to pass on the 2pt. conversion. Must have been Capers idea.......
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    I'm sticking to my guns.
    We can still go 10 - 6.
    We can, we can, we can.

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