My Thoughts on Upset over Indianapolis

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Dec 24, 2006.

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    Our Houston Texans defeated the Indianapolis Colts this afternoon on a final score of 27-24. Our record improved to 5-10 on the season with the major upset.

    I can't enough about the collective effort by our Texans team today. We fought extremely hard for 4 quarters, we showed nice execution, and let me tell you it feels good, in a tight game like this, to finally be the one that comes out on top. I'm proud of our team, very.

    Offensively, we did a tremendous job running the ball. Best run game of the season and possibly even since our inception in 2002, it was that good. Ronnie Dayne had one hell of a game again, this one the biggest of the last 3 obviously. He is just a beast, he runs people over- even when he is stuffed, he plows his big body into you and pushes ahead and can pick up a couple yards just by doing that, and he's just a hell of a player. He ended with over 153 yards rushing and 2 Touchdowns. Just a massive game, obviously the main reason we won.

    Chris Taylor, the rookie who we've been wanting to see for awhile now made some real nice things happen for us today, he made a few nice plays. He's a real speed guy, had 28 yards on two touches and only got a pass, and I'm really excited about this kid in the future. We got alot of very solid backs on this squad and it's exciting.

    We were able to just run it and run it and run it on the Colts, so obviously you also have to give Coach Kubiak credit for his solid playcalling, another guy that contributed significantly to the big run day today is FB Vonta Leach. He's done a hell of a job the past few weeks helping out the run game, paving the way, and he's a solid Fullback on our team, and in this leauge. I think h'es the future for us at the Fullback position but we'll have to see the situation with Jameel.

    I also want to credit our offense line today. I can't say enough about the job they did today for us. They not only opened up holes all day for the back, but also gave David Carr adequate protection. And really, we have some young guys on it, and some guys like Salaam that are just really banged up and just fighting their ass off for us. No sacks on Carr today. Great job by this unit, my hat goes off to them.

    David Carr played pretty well today as well. He finished 16/23 with 163 yards and a Touchdown. Good numbers, but more importantly he made some good reads, good decisions, got the ball out of his hands fast, made a couple plays with his leags and it was really a positive to see him bounce back and play solidly after last week. I continue to have faith in him, I still think he's our man.

    Overall offensively today, hell of job. Everyone did their part and it was a collective effort. The o-line, the fullbacks, the running backs, the quaterback, just a great offensive performance today to say the least. Hell of a job.

    Defensively, you know, they gave up a few big plays to Indy's high-octane offense and you try to limit that when your playing those guys, try to contain them more, and really we did do that alot today, so we didnt do that bad. A descent performance.

    Mario Williams forced a fumble on the Colts second offensive play of the game and that really got us going. Again, for the most part we played to contain which you must do against those guys, and we did make a couple crutail stops.

    Probably the most crutial was late in the 3rd quarter when the Colts were driving down the field and had a 3rd and 1 at our 15 and we forced an incompletion and the Colts were then forced to get a FG, the prooved big. So our D certainly made a couple key stops today.

    Some great performances defensively today were Mario Williams, and I say it every week with this kid, he's playing injured and just goes out there every Sunday and makes plays. He's a good kid, young and he's only to get better and better and that's just another exciting thing for the future of this team.

    Another great game by DeMeco Ryans. He should be in the Pro Bowl in my mind, but oh well, he had another solid game, made some big stops, finished with 6 tackels.

    Antwaan Peek and Morlon Greenwood also seemed to play well in this game, so good job to those guys.

    Special team wise, real quick, Chad Stanley got off nice punts today, he had a good game punting the ball so give him credit. In a game like this, field position was crutial and he certainy did his part.

    Kris Brown. Boy oh boy, Kris Brown. He has certainly had his rough times with us, but certainly makes up for them and I always said I liked him and thought he should stay our kicker unless he continued to regress, and he played well today to say the least. He booted one into the endzone on a kickoff which resulted in a touchback, and then the field goals.

    Kris was 2/2 today on FG attemps, with the biggest obviously being the game winner. Wow. 49 yards, huge pressure kick, and our boy Kris comes through. Hell of a job by him, and he's obviously canidate for game MVP.

    You never know what can happen, any given day. Nobody really gave us a chance this game, and it's times like these where sticking with your team through all the rough times, supporting them, really pays off.

    We just pulled possibly the biggest upset of the season guys, this game. Our Texans. Thats right, we did. The Houston Texans. I think it will take some time to sink in, and just..just wow. I'm really speechless, so proud of our team.

    What was most impressive: We got blow out in a very embarassing performance last week in New England. People were saying the team packed it in, Kubiak packed it in. To all those people who said that: You can now officially shut up, respectivelly, of course. This team has tremendous pride, effort and emotion and wow today is extreme proof.

    I have been talking about how important a strong finish to our team would be, espically these final two games. Now look, look at these posts, alot of people saying about how our future looks bright (which it always has in my mind), how we are doing fine after all this season, thats one of the reasons why we need to finish strong- get some more positive attitude going.

    It's not over yet. We still have one more game, and it will be a tough one. The Cleveland Browns will be in town. They will be fighting with pride and they are very angry after getting beat pretty good by Tampa today so we will certainly see thier best effort. This game will be very important for us, and I'll discuss this more in my future posts.

    Enjoy this victory. Guys, our Texans did it. We will be the talk of the NFL for a week. This is one time, it really, really feels good to be a Texans fan. It was a close game, and this team, WE came out on tap.

    Great job cheering us on today fans, Reliant was rockin! Tremendous job by you guys at the game and at home as I'm sure you were making some noise as well. Way to represent!

    Happy Holidays to you and your entire family, have a great time this holiday season!

    Santa came early this here, he delievered a miracle to Reliant Stadium.

    GO TEXANS ! :fieldgoal
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    good post. I still don't think we should keep David Carr. He didn't win us this game, but rather he didn't lose it for us like some other games. To be honest I hope we win next week but Carr struggles a little so we can put away all the keep Carr talk. He has already proven the he needs to go. jmho
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    I LOVE reading your posts, win or lose...but especially WIN!!!:yahoo:
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    Carr did make key plays today to keep drives moving and help put us in FG range. Give the guy some credit
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    Good point! :shades:
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    Congrats Texans - great win!!!!!! Even if my #1 team got blown out, it's nice to see that the Texans won!!! That's great!


    Have a happy and healthy holiday everyone!

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