My Thoughts on The Game vs. Tennessee

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Dec 11, 2005.

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    I thought our Texans club fought hard, both pyhsically and mentally. To come out after two heart breaking losses, and sincerily compete in this game with our rivals really says alot about the positive character off our team.

    I will give the Titans credit, where credit is due. Their offense excuted late in the 4th quarter, and set up the go ahead field goal.

    In terms of our offense, we had a solid running game with Domanick Davis, so thats a plus. We also made some nice passing plays, which lead to a score before the half. We just need to be a little more consistent in certain areas.

    Defensively, we played great. We stoped the run and broke up a few passes. The defense played motivated football today. They just unfortunately came up short on the Titans last drive, where they kicked the go ahead field goal.

    Special teams could have been better. Chad Stanley missed a couple punts off the side of his foot in the first half, but I think Chad rose to the challenge and improved that in the second half. Kris Brown hit one field goal, the next was blocked, and then of course the missed one at the end of the game. I think Kris Brown is a good kicker for the most part, and he'll bounce back.

    Overall, a tough loss. Our Texans just need to dust themselves off and continue to fight these final three games, starting with the Arizona Cardinals next Sunday in our house, Reliant Stadium. We still can defintely finish strong, and continue to play hard with pride.

    Go Texans:texflag:
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    My thoughts:

    Special teams was not very good until that last return by Mathis. A couple bad punts, a punt return allowed for a TD (granted the blatant block in the back right in front of the refs, but still a few missed tackles before that), a blocked FG and a badly missed FG.

    Defense played very well, gave up a couple big plays on that early drive but held them to a FG. Otherwise they played great. No sacks or turnovers but they contained the Titans offense and most if not all of the players looked pretty inspired today. I also cannot really complain about Fangio's play calling either.

    Offense had its moments. Davis had another superb effort in the running game and the line blocked well for him. We had some really bad pass blocking on some plays, many on miscommunications between the linemen, plus Carr had a sack or two but I couldn't see the receivers to tell if any were getting open. We still were pretty predictable and didn't even throw at Andre until at least the second quarter, I think we should throw at him at least 3 times per quarter.

    The referring reached a new low today. Absolutely horrendous officiating, missed many holdings on the Titans until they finally called one on a play that we obviously would not accept it. Called a helmet-to-helmet on Robaire then Carr got hit late on a helmet-to-helmet later and got nothing for it, blatant block in the back that allows a punt return TD that goes uncalled, then a holding on our ensuing kickoff on us. Numerous other plays that I don't care to remember at the moment in which we could not get a call in an obvious situation (and on big plays, not insignificant ones) when they, and any other team in the NFL, get the calls. I guess it's to be expected for a 1-11, now 1-12, team, but it was still horrible. If I were Capers I'd be sending a tape to the league at about 5:30am tomorrow.
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    He needs to send a few other game films as well. Like when the Ravens got the roughing the passer calls and David got hit in the head with a forearm and nothing was called. Even send some from last year too.

    I know we should all be good sports but this is why I say I don't care when I see our guys go after the other teams QB and hit him late. To be honest if I were the coach I would pull a Jerry Glanville and tell my team to do just that. We don't have anything to lose.

    Trust me, you put the fear in teams and next thing you know, you're winning games. I am not saying injure them I am saying just hit em and let them know that even though they will win, they won't feel good about it.

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