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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Nov 27, 2006.

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    Our Houston Texans record fell to 3-8 after yesterday's loss to the New York Jets.

    We played poorly, mainly offensively yesterday against New York. We, again, just reiterating on some of the stuff I said in my post game post after the game yesterday, had alot of 3 and outs, failed to establish a run game, had a few sacks and basically just people not doing their assisgments.

    We did fight back slightly scoring that touchdown towards the latter half of the second half and succeeding on the two point conversion to get 11 points, so we had some fight we were showing after being down, but obviously not nearly enough. The one thing I do see at times in our team is lack of urgency, which is not good obviously. It just seems in key situations we are not urgent at all.

    An example would be the little drive before halftime when we were down 9-3. We have a chance to go down their and atleast try a managable field goal, we had like 1 minute and 9 seconds with a timeout and we were huddling up, which I just hate when we do those types of things when we need to score points fast. We should be in strictly hurry up offense mode and getting plays of quickly, espically when your nickling and diming down the field and consuming up alot of time like we were. We didn't, and Kris Brown had to attempt an extremely long 59 yarder. It just seems in two minute drills before the half and just in situations where we have to try and score fast there is not much urgency, and I'm not going to say it's on the coaches or the players or whoever, but I would certainly like to see us, again, be more urgent in crucial situations.

    David Carr did some nice things in the game yesterday as I said after the game. Made a few plays with his legs, was smart with the football for the most part aside from that second half interception which was just a bad pass and bad read. He also could have thrown the ball faster in each time he got sacked, 2 or 3 times, I think the ball needs to come out quicker in those situations. Overall, not a horrible day for Carr, not his best day either, nobody really had a good day for us offensively, but he'll continue to get better.

    We also failed to establish a run game yesterday, thats a negative. Lundy and Gado didn't get alot of yards or alot of carries for that matter. I look for us to get them so more touches in the future, we need to run the ball more to get a little something out of it on days like that.

    In terms of the defense yesterday againt the Jets, not a bad day. They have been playing pretty solid for us these past several weeks and they played well most of the game. It's just that when your defense keeps containing or stopping them like we did, but your offense isn't doing anything, it tends to get frustarting and it tires out your defense and I think thats what probably happened when the D started playing a little worse later in the second half.

    Some good performances by some individuals on the defensive side of the ball yesterday, Mario played solid once again and he's playing injured some my hat goes off to this kid once agian, DeMeco Ryans continue to step up big and Anthoney Weaver played very well.

    And I said the same thing yesterday (Sunday), overall, with this team, we just need to show some patience as fans. We, again, have a new coaching staff, new schemes on both sides of the ball, one of the youngest team's in the NFL, many new veterans and it's almost like we started over this year and when you do that, success requires time. I said we could have success this year and we've had a little so far, but we can certainly have more.

    We have 5 football games left. We're 3-8. I want to see our football team put together 5 straight complete games on both sides of the ball and continue playing hard. It will be important to finish strong, we still have alot to work towards these final 5 games.

    I want to see our football team put together 5 solid performances, starting with a tough road game next week going into Oakland, which is never an easy place to play with that atmosphere and their fans. This will be yet another big test and challenge for our football team- to play turnover free football, reduce penalties, show better exceution offesnively and continue playing pretty solid on defense. I still really feel this team has alot more in them this season, and we're going to start to see it.

    Continue to stick with us fans, our day will certainly come, I say that all the time and it's because it's true. We have the right players, coaches and atmosphere in place to become a very successful football team in the future, just need to continue working on moulding it together, which will just take time. I am very excited for the future of this football team, even though we are going thru a little bit of a bumpy road right now.

    GO TEXANS:gotexans1
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    The Texans can stay with anybody. These things just take time. BTW - Nice pun on "moulding" the team. He was one hell of an acquisition.
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    I must have seen a different game, because D'Brick stoned Mario all day long from my vantage point. And saying anything other than our running game was ugly is a gross understatement, 12 carries 22 yards. As for being patient, the Saints have all new O,D, & head coach and they are in a playoff hunt, only Oakland & Detroit are as bad as us with new coaches, heck the Jets have a new coach too, and look, they just beat us. Green Bay plays tonight.
    Where's that accountability that Kubiak spoke of, he calls the same plays, they go nowhere, and, he calls them again, and next week, he'll call them again. Obviously he was told that W&L don't matter in your first year and this is what we got, a coach looking to emprove his team like it was pre-season with no real focus on winning.
    I said we could go 8 & 8 in the pre-season, I stated that again just before the Giant loss, now, I think Kubiak will replace Carr - soon - and start calling a different kind of game, Carr's numbers are up enough for trade bait ( second round ) and Sage is in, and we all get to watch as the Texans stay in the cellar.:crying:
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    Stoned as in "stopped Mario cold at the line of scrimmage"?

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