My Thoughts on our Texans After Bye Week

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Oct 9, 2006.

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    Okay, our Houston Texans had a string of days away from football last week, got some time to relax, heal a few wounds and now we have started to prepare some for the rival Dallas Cowboys with a practice today (Monday).

    I think the win before the bye week, 17-15 over Miami, was big for this football team. It built up our confidence, got us fans into a little more and gives us some momentum heading into a huge game this season against the Cowboys.

    We are 1-3 right now, have showed some positive spurts on both sides of the ball all year, and finally molded it together for a ''W'' against Miami. I look for our Texans to only to get better thru this season. I think David Carr is really stepping up, as I knew he would. The running game got a little better against Miami and that will only improve, and the defense played excellent.

    The defense got off the field on 3rd down when playing Miami which is obviously crutial and it was great to see that with such a young defense we have, and espically after that not so great defensive performances the first three games.

    I was glad to see Mario Williams step up against Miami as well, and he will have his off-days still, he is a rookie, and rookie's take time to develop. We need to be patient with him.

    Again, this is a big game coming up obviously for our new-look Houston Texans as we tackle the Dallas Cowboys Sunday. It's a rival game, and a chance for our Texans to really get things turned around and rack up two straight victories.

    It will be a challenging, hard fight battle in Dallas Sunday to say the least. Dallas is coming off a rather tough loss against Philly, and return home this Sunday looking to bounce back against us. It will be a hard fought game.

    My ''Preview of the Dallas Cowboys'' will be posted Wednesday.

    My ''Keys to Beating the Dallas Cowboys'' will be posted Thursday.

    It's good to get back in the swing of things, splash some water in our face and wake up as fans a little after the bye week, and get ready for some Texans football and again, a pretty big game.

    Go Texans!
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    lol if there one thing that can be said about you, its that you never, ever, ever lose hope. You must be one of the most optimistic fans I have ever encountered. Last year, even in the 49er game, you still had hope for the players, fans, and coaches.

    I sure hope youre right that this game is winnable. it would the franchise wonders!!
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    Welcome to the third level of Texans Message Board Conciousness. TexansAllTheWayBaby has made a name for himself here for his optimism and its unrelenting consistency. Reliant Stadium may be open, construction on I-10 may finish and Houstonians may turn their nose up at two chili cheese dogs and a diet coke to go before our resident optimist stops giving us his thoughts and keys to a victory. So now that you are here, let the optimism breathe a little. It has a beautiful bouquet and wets the palate. Hopefully one day we all will be where the thread starter is. :)
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    Well Carr is looking good, first in QB rating, AJ is having an awesome year, and Moulds is doing pretty good himself, i think our only weakness is our ground game, i wish davis was healthy then we'd be a top offense, OUR D NEEDS MAJORE HELP our more time to learn to play as a unit.
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    Good to see AJ is 4th in receiving yards AFTER the bye week and he has more yards then almost all of the running backs in the NFL, let alone WR's. Now he just has to get in the endzone a little more and its Hawaii all the way

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