My Thoughts on Loss vs. New England

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Dec 17, 2006.

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    Our Houston Texans fell to the New England Patriots earlier today, by a final score of 40-7. Our record fell to 4-10 on the season as a result.

    Obviously, not a great game by our Texans. I thought we played poorly, espically on the offensive side of the ball. We had four turnovers, and that will kill you reguardless of how good you play in this leauge.

    Starting with QB David Carr, again obviously not a great game. We can not place thia blame completely on his shoulders however. The offensive line is beat up, we knew that. We have two very young players on it in Winston and Hodgon, and the other guys have alot of bumps and bruises and are not getting alot of valuable practice time as a result. However, could David have played better? No doubt. The four pics he threw were unacceptable, espically the ones when we got down it looked like he was just throwing it wherever with no good body motion or mechanics, and he needs to be a better leader in that situation. However, I have supported him since day 1 and I continue to support him now. All players go through tough times, he cartainly is now, but he's our QB and I have faith that he can help our team in the future.

    In terms of the running game, a good job in that department today. This was one area we played well in I thought. Obviously, being down alot this game took away our option to run the ball as much as we'd like, but Ronnie Dayne did solid when we called him number as usual. He picked up 94 yards on 18 touches, a good day. Wali only had 3 touches but he had a 6 yard run. Again, we did well in this area but the tone of the game took away our ability to run the ball much. And really give the Patriots credit, they played excellent, excellent defense today, they had a good gameplan, good preperation and showed tremendous excecution, and that's why they have won 3 superbowls, give them credit.

    Defensively, I though we played pretty solid really. When you look at the scoreboard and see the oppenent scored 40 points, your going to first point fingers at your defense, but not in this case. We set them up badly all game long with bad field position, giving them short fields to defend as we commited 4 turnovers, had a couple not so great punts, etc. And really, I thought they did a pretty nice job most of the time in defending those short fields, and there is only so much you can do in those situation's when going up against the Patriots offense. Again, give the Patriots offense credit, they showed outstanding preperation and execution, Tom Brady played well, give 'em credit.

    Again though, not really a bad defensive performance given that we often had short fields to defend, and had little time to rest after the offene's turnovers and 3-and-outs. Mario Williams had a solid game and he, again, has been playing injured with that foot for several weeks now, he's showing us all that he's a warrior, he's putting up a nice effort, and still giving us nice performances. Morlon Greenwood had a good game, and he's an underated player on this team in my mind.

    We stopped the run pretty well defensively as well.

    Really, when you think about it, we did two of the most important things you need to do to win in this league: ran the ball well and played solid defense most of the time. However, we also did the thing that kills you in this leauge. Turned the ball over. Four interceptions. Anytime you do that, it tends to cancel out the other things you did well in, and that certainly happened today.

    Overall, just a bad game, particularly offensively. I really wanted to see us come out and atleast contend at times this game after suffering a heart-breaking loss last week, but the Patriots just wanted it more. And we have a beat up team, but so do alot of teams this time of the year, so you can't use that as an excuse.

    Bottom line, young teams go through this. We are a young team, with nee coaches and new schemes on both sides of the ball, and as I have said many times before, it can take up to a few years to fully develop. I'm not using this as an excuse, but we have to relize as fans, what we are dealing with here. We are basically starting over this year, and sure were were suppose to have some success and we have, we already doubled our win total from last year. We are showing alot of positives this year, unfortunately the tend to be overshadowed by some of the negatives, we just need to hang in there. Our day will come.

    Lastly, real breifly, lay off David Carr. Seriously. The guy has been our man for 5 years now. We drafted him as our first overall pick to come to expansion team and he HAS NEVER complained once aobut it. He never whined about it, complained about it or decided to quit on us. If you ever see the summer practices, you'll find David with a positive attitude, very upbeat most of the time, and that's the kind of kid David is. He never lashes out on the media or that sorta thing. David's a holy man and a family man. And you have to respect that. I, again, have always had faith in him to take our team to the promise land and I still do today. He's certainly had a couple bad games, but is also improving in some areas this year and he should only get better with Kubiak coaching him. Posting bad stuff about him does nothing, accomplishes nothing. It just shows your a low-life and want to blame somebody for these past two years instead of being a true fan, showing patience and supporting us through the tough times.

    Our owner Mr. McNair said it best earlier in the week, you learn to appreciate wining better when you go through loosing.

    We need to pick ourselves up, the Indianapolis Colts await next week. We can still accomplish some good things this year, includuing a strong finish which is extremely important. We have never ever beaten Indy before, so let's use that as some motive.

    I'll talk more about some things tomorrow in my Weekly Monday Post.

    I know we have some true fans out there, and my hat really goes of to you guys. Let's hang in there.

    GO TEXANS:texflag:
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    Gotta admit, I hardly read these recaps of yours - but you continue to show optimism and look at it with some unbiasness. Plus, this one I had to read on how you spin this one (not to tag your style, you actually have a good writing ability).

    Good post. As for the people voicing their opinion - there's just a frustration that has been building and we just need a venting avenue. As for
    Honestly, I think he did towards the end of this game (around his last INT or so.) Carr is a great guy, but I think most feel it's for the better of him and the Texans if they part ways. I wanted him to be the QB of the franchise and / or to Kubiak to turn Carr around because of his great attitude, but there's just the question of if it will ever happen. The excuses tend to run thin after 5 years.
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    It's hard to keep up the optimism, but the day will come when things will turn around and come together.

    I will continue to keep my eye on the future, because I can remember the day when Houston's last team was considered the lowest of the lows, and then the day came when we were the 'Crème de la Crème'.

    Thanks for the post...

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    Great post...I always look forward to your posts. I'm a Texan win or lose...
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    I appreciate your unbridled optimism with our team, but you have absolutely no right to say we have to "lay off" of David Carr. If I were being paid the money he is getting paid I would gladly play qb for the Texans. That being said DC is a good guy and I like him as a person. But if he's such a "holy" guy as you put it he should've picked another profession. And complaining about DC and the team doesn't make us "low-life". True fans imho are the ones who will stand up and say what's wrong and not blindly follow something because it has a Texans jersey on. We're not cattle and you can't expect the fans to go along and pretend everything's alright. Fans have been patient for five years and they have every right to complain, whine and moan. By the way it say's your 17 so you can't refer to David Carr as a "kid". It's Mr.Carr to you.:tease:
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    Yeah....I got a chuckle out of that too, but good post for the most part. I just don't share the same feelings about Carr. He's done in my mind.
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    "David's a holy man and a family man. And you have to respect that."

    who cares if he is a "holy man", seriously... how does that have anything to do with the texans??? since we are obviously losing with a "holy/family man" as our starting qb,.. maybe we need a non family man type qb who doesnt believe in god.
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    Great post man, I think we can win the two remainder games and finish off 6-10, which, will be a good note to finish the season and provide a stepping stone for Kubiak and the draft.
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    Carr complains and whines all the time. These ridiculous post game essays need some work particularly when you give David a free pass because he's "a holy man".

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