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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Oct 15, 2006.

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    Our Houston Texans fell to the rival Dallas Cowboys today, 34-6. Our record fell to 1-4 on this season.

    First off, I would like to start by giving the Dallas Cowboys credit. The sign of a good team is one that comes back from adversity, they were down at the half, some fans were booing them, and they came out in the second half and showed tremendous excution. Give them credit, they are a solid football team.

    On to our Texans, I thought we played hard. We played very good defense, espically through the first half holding them to 6.

    Defensively in the second half, I thought we still played descently on defense, we were just giving short fields to defend at times. I can tell you this, these last two games I have certainly seen an improvement in the defense as a group. Individually, Mario Williams played nicely again, DeMeco Ryans played solid as usual, but we did not win. However, again, I thought our defense played good today. We got pressure on Bledsoe, stopped the run for the must part until the game became out of hand, and just had soem short fields to defend at times. We covered pretty nicely today, on two of Terrell Owens Touchdowns we had him covered pretty well but Terrel can overcome that so give him credit, he is certainly an excellent reciever to say the least. We are definetly continuing to improve on defense, and did not play that badly in this area today.

    On offense I thought we struggled today. We only scored 6 points, so we cetainly made some mistakes.

    More specificely on offense, we failed to establish the run game, which is huge. I say this will be a key factor before each game, and this is why. Again, give Dallas credit, they stopped the run very well against us today, and have done so against most teams thus far this season. Still, this is no excuse. You need to be able to effictely run the ball in this leauge to have success, and particularly in the offense we run. I look for our run game to improve in the future this season. It has showed a few positive spurts certainly at times so far this season, but it is also certainly not where it needs to be. However, we have a new blocking scheme this season, some new guys on the o-line, new running backs, so like other things on this football team, it will just take time. We just need to be patient. This running game will improve with hard work, practive and determination, and we show alot of those characteristics. It will take time.

    Passing the ball with the offense today, I think we struggled in. I strongly believe David Carr is going to one day be the Quaterback to take us to the promise land, and I like the way he plays, but I won't make excuses for him today. I didn't think he played very well today. There we some instances where he felt pressure coming when there wans't much and forced passes. There was an instance where he threw it because he just did not want to take the hit, but one thing I know about David is he is better than that. David knows he didnt play well today, and I expect him to improve next week. David is a fighter and wants to win just like all of us, but we have again, a young offense, a new scheme, new coaches, we just need to be patient.

    I thought we played a clean first half as I said in my Halftime Report type post. However, we certainly had our fair share of penalties in the second half. I think a couple of these penalties were lack of focus, which happens in loud opposing stadiums like Dallas Stadium. A few others were defensive holding, that type of thing so I look for us to improve in this area as well.

    Overall today, great first half, and we struggled in the second half espically offensively. Give the Dallas cowboys and Bill Parcells credit, they came out in th second half ready to play.

    For our Houston Texans, this remains a learning process with many new elements this year. I still expect us to have more success this season, but also am aware we will have learning pains. Our challenge now is to pick ourselves up, as I have seen our squad to before, they are fighters, and prepare for a tough battle next Sunday against the tough Jacksonvill Jauguars.

    Continue to cheer us on fans, our time will come.


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