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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Sep 17, 2006.

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    Okay, our Houston Texans lost this one in our first road game of the season against the Indianapolis Colts, 43-24. We are now 0-2.

    Let me start off by giving the Indianapolis Colts credit. They played hard and with emotion. They excecuted to just about perfection today on both sides of the ball. They made big plays on both sides of the ball. Thats why they are obviously one of the top teams in the leauge, and they are that much better at home. I give their fans credit, they made it loud when they needed to, to say the least.

    I thought we got off to a bumpy start with the fumble on Carr. This just prooves turnovers kill. Indianapolis started after the fumble recovery and only had like 30 or so yards to go for a TD, and got it.

    Our next offensive possesion we we foreced to punt. Indianapolis' defense played so well all game, and again, I give them credit. Indianapolis then scored on their second possesion.

    Our 3rd offensive possesion, I thought we moved the ball very nicely down the field, short yardage plays at a time and I was very impressed, it was unfortunate Wali Lundy fumbled it away once we were getting very close to the red zone just about. This is just examples on how turnovers can kill, espically against such a good time like Indianapolis.

    We just got into a big hole early, could never really get back in it, and give Indy their due, they jumped on an early lead and maintained it through the entire game.

    I thought their offense played very well. They exposed our defense in the passing game. I think we need to get better on coverage with our defense. They ran the ball very well on us to, and basically were clicking on all cylinders. They had the speed on offense today, and we simply did not have to speed to match them with our defense. I look for our defense to improve in the future.

    With our offense, we really just had to many key turnovers. Perhaps the crowd noise got to us, whatever, turnovers kill and today was a classic example of that. Thier defense played very well, they did everything they were suppose to do, and the Colts look to be a complete team once again this year.

    Times like these can become frusturating. I encourage you, as fans, to stick together and show patience. We have a new defensive scheme and new offensive scheme. It will take time. I think we showed, both games this season, positive spurts from the offense and even a little from the defense. The key is reducing silly mistakes like turnovers and penalties so we can continue to move the ball foward. We played two very good teams in Philadelphia and Indianapolis, and we are 0-2 right now.

    I think these games were good for our team. They were challenging. Hopefully, we can learn from both of them and move on to have a succesful season which I still think we can and will have. This is just a bump start against two very good teams. We can learn from it.

    We need to stick together as fans, because believe me we have the right players, right coaches, etc, just need to be more consistent and continue to learn and grow together as a team. I think we can and will improve.

    Continue to cheer us on fans, times will get better, I know they will, this season still looks to bring success.
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    I love and share your enthusiasm.
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    Great post. Our secondary is patchwork at best now due to injuries. I saw good things out of Carr. I have been back and forth with him but at least I see more positives this year. We shot ourselves in the foot more than once, but I liked what I saw at the end.

    I am upset over losing Spencer, but it is something we must deal with. I hope everything heals great and he comes back stronger next year. I ain't one to point fingers and his injury was no one's fault things happen when bodies are moving that fast. Anyhow I am straying a little off topic. Putting this behind us as another opportunity for growth. We need more push from the front four so the DBs won't have to struggle as much. Looking forward to next week.

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