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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Nov 21, 2006.

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    First off, I would like to apologize for not posting this on Monday as I usually do. I was out of town for family reasons, and I apologize for any inconvience.

    Our Houston Texans fell to 3-7 Sunday after falling to Buffalo 24-21.

    Despite the end result, I continued to see some good things by our Houston Texans. The game's start was very ugly, as Buffalo threw 2 in a row 80 some yards Touchdown passes to Lee Evans, again give them credit for that. What I liked was the way we did not get rattled, did not deviate from the gameplan, and came right back and were knocking on their door by halftime. Earlier in the year, I'm not sure we come back from that start. I think it shows the maturity going on with our team, the confidence and the leadership. This is obviously a mjaor plus.

    Talking some of offense, we moved the ball very well during the first half of the football game. We racked up 14 by halftime. In the second half, we struggled. We struggled in the 4th quarter. This is when it matters the most as well. We had oppurtunites, offensively, late in the game to make key plays and even finish the Bills off and we did not. Again, that is really all that matters as well, so we'll have to work on playing a little better in some clutch situations.

    I thought David Carr played very well, he's improving. He is making some plays with his feet as well, a good thing to see. He gets into rythm nicely, there was a point, as you know, in the game where David completed 22 straight passes. Thtas a great accomplishment. He will still make a few mistakes, but he certainly continues to improve and I like that.

    In terms of the running game, another good game. Our running game is becoming consistenly good and thats the important thing. We are becoming consistent from that point. I said earlier in the year I thought we had 3 solid backs in Dayne, Gado and Lundy and we are starting to see that. Lundy had 61 yards on 8 touches, thats impressive. He also scored a Touchdown. Gado gained nearly 70 yards on 10 attempts and also got in the endzone, so again, we are getting better and better running the ball, and in this offense, that is crucial. I'm happy with our running game.

    Defensively, not really a horrible performance at all, we just didnt finish, which again though, is all that really matters. We did give up two major strikes ealry in the game to go down 14-0 with lee Evans catching two 80 yarders for TDs. Again though, the thing I liked is the way we came back and really settled down. They only scored 3 more points thru 2 quarters after that, and almost thru 3. I like the way we settled down defensively.

    I will say it again, we just didnt make the plays on defense either, when it mattered the msot. The last drive the Bills went real quick right down the field and eventually threw the game winning TD pass. You have to give the Bills credit, they made the important, clutch game plays and we simply did not.

    Alot of NFL games come down to the final plays, and you have to be able to make them to win. It's that simple. You could play well all game long, but if you dont make one or two plays and your opponent does, you loose. Simple. We went through this quite a few times last season, alot of 4th quarter losses where we played nice all game, but you just have to be able to finish. And this is something our Texans will work on and I believe improve on.

    We made alot of great plays, I seen alot of kids step up like Carr, Lundy and Gado, Shantee Orr played nicely and D-Rob had a very good game. It hurts to play such a good football game and loose, but we can put it behind us and learn from it.

    I have seen this team bounce back from tough losses time and time again, so there is really no doubt they will do the same next week. We travel up to New York for a tough, tough battle with the New York Jets who are a pretty solid football team. This will be another nice test for our team, and certainly a big challenge.

    I said all along we could have a pretty good amount of success this season, and while we have had a little already, we can certainly have more. We have alot to work towards the second half of this season. We can still obviously accomplish alot, nothing is set in stone yet. I still feel we are due to go on a big run, so we'll see.

    We are certainly playing much, much better football now then we were the first few weeks, so thats an indication of how we are improving and how far we've come.

    Great job cheering us on Sunday fans. Reliant was loud as hell, and I'm sure you guys were making noise at home as well. Continue to cheer us on, its what Houston football is all about.

    GO TEXANS:gotexans1

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