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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Cjeremy635, Sep 28, 2009.

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    I wondered about posting another thread on here with all of the ones already floating around, but what the hell.

    Here's how I see it:
    I think that Frank Bush has done a fairly good job of putting the players in the right position to make the plays. We have dialed up the right call on D for run plays and pass plays (guessing right), it's just not getting "executed" by the players. (I hate to use the Capers lingo) We are playing sloppy and uninspired it seems, but I think that mainly falls on the players. I know we are a young team and I honestly feel that is the only reason why we are not clicking on the D side of the ball. We lack that veteran leadership that comes with a quality player like Ray Lewis or someone of that caliber. I know that players like that are few and far between, but they bring an "X" factor to a team that can not be coached on Sundays. I honestly feel like this team is only missing that one part of the equation. That falls on the GM to get it in here to make it work. If we get that piece of the puzzle and get back to the fundamental basic of correctly tackling instead of lunging at someone with a shoulder, I think our D can be more than adequate to go with our high scoring offense. There's no reason we should be losing when we are putting up 20+ points a game and even on the turnovers for the year. I'd like to see a big name free agent come in here this next year that has the leadership quality that we need. Personalities are contagious and someone with a Type A personality and a swagger could go a long way.

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    That was the exact same thing I was saying in that Denver Broncos defense thread I started and I think that player was around in the off season and it was Brian Dawkins. He is a little old now, but he could have brought that leadership factor that you're talking about.

    I agree that we need to find a guy like that in the off season, but don't count on SMith doing bringing that in. He hasn't even tried to do something like that in his entire tenure here, so I don't think he'll all of a sudden start now. He's a build through the draft guy.
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    The brings up the question, who is the vocal leader of this team?

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    Do we even have one?

    Dunta seems to be about the closest I've seen. Followed by Demeco and maybe Winston? Other than that, there is no swagger. There is no 'I'm going to light a fire under my teammates' asses" character.

    No Ray Lewis.

    No Mike Singletary dropping his pants at halftime.

    No Tom Brady yelling on the sidelines.

    No drunken Canuck kicker rambling on the radio.....

    Okay, so the last one isn't the best example, but you can see where I'm going here.
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    Hey Kris, we need you over *burp* here, eh? :user:

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