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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by RDillon, Sep 24, 2006.

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    Common this isnt monopoly money here. And drafting one player isnt changing things. Lets get back to grass roots football. Is the players awarness a problem how about the coaches are they aware whats going on down feild? We need to pressure the other teams QB. I would rather have a slow old player with awareness than a young player who thinks this stuff is handed down. How do you peak your players? Do what is in the abilitys of the player himself. Just because it looks good on pen and paper does not mean it works on feild with the current players. This team needs to find a nitch and find it fast. A play they can get first downs with. If you are able to expand on that then thats a growth spurt. Lets face it we can not run. I dont know if the boys are not blocking correctly or their being ran over by the other teams. David does not have time to throw so work on timing get the ball out of the pocket fast. Some body needs to read some books for this team. I know Vince Lombardi wrote some good lines on how to make a half ass team win. If this team can take this game one play at a time then we can win.

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