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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TimeKiller, Jan 15, 2012.

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    This giant tree, standing 10,000 ft. high but not
    We asked for more and in an offseason with so much turmoil they pulled together a top notch defensive staff including the hometown guy Phillips. They reeled in top name free agents, they made spot on selections in the draft. Then we watched our team take down the division and beat a bunch of good teams to get the 3 seed, suffering injury after injury, overcoming adversity and building a new identity along the way. Bruised and battered they limped into the playoffs and won in dominating fashion in their first ever post season game. Then with all the odds mounting against them they went down and dove straight into the gates of hell and put on a defensive show, asking a 5th round rookie QB who only started a handful of games to take down one of the most celebrated defensive units in football. We may have lost this game but we also got to watch our own defense elevate to the level of greatness, almost a passing of the torch. We got to watch Foster rise above the pack. We got to watch Andre doing his thing in the playoffs. We got to watch more than marginal improvement and while reflecting on the past will be the major threads for now, I for one am genuinely excited to see what new heights, what new barriers these guys can break down next season.

    Yeah Ray Rice. I call it a good season. And I call 21 carries for 60 yards getting your ass kicked. Next week when Tom Brady is ripping your D a new zone remember how lucky you were just to get past this young, beat up Texans team. Remember how glad you are that Cushing isn't anywhere near you.

    And how about Vonta Leach getting blown up by Demeco Ryans all day? I bet they wish they still had LeRon McClain to get that 1 yard when it counted.

    Hey Flacco, THAT WIN HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. You better go give Ed Reed a foot massage for taking control when you couldn't.
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    Well, I'm diss appointed the ride is over, but what a ride it was.
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    I agree.

    The Texans put forth maximum effort and deserve our praise.

    Whiners & naysayers can [​IMG]

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