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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Nov 6, 2006.

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    I thought our Texans fought hard yesterday against New York, we showed alot of determination, heart and alot of that stuff. We came out ready to play and played hard through the duration of the game.

    Again, just reiterating on some of the things I said in my post game yesterday, I thought David Carr played better, he stepped up some. This was a good thing to see, and again, he's the quaterback of this football team. He will continue to learn and grow under Kubiak and I'm excited to see how good he will become.

    We did have some trouble finishing of our drives in the first half of the football game, so we did leave some points on the field. Brown also missed one fieg goal attempt but converted on the next, and it's extremely difficult to kick up there with all the wind swirling around.

    We will only get better on offense, we got some guys that can really play. We have alot of young talent and are just trying to piece the puzzle together and become more consistent.

    Same defensively, again, not much to say today that I didn't yesterday in my post game post. We are certianly improving defensively, we have now put together 3 pretty solid defensive games these last three weeks, that is great to see.

    We looked like a bend but dont break defense yesterday, and thats the kind of style that Richard Smith wants to bring to our young defense. Just like on offense, on defense, we got alot of players who come to play. We also have alot of young players, and it will take time to become more consistent, but we are certainly seeing pretty nice improvement already, again, just look at these last 3 games.

    Mario Williams continues to step up, and I can see him being a real, real strong point in our defense if he stays healthy in the future. He may be a type of player who can really take over a game defensively. An example of this was yesterday when he sacked Eli Manning in the first half, then the next play DeMeco did the same. This kind of shows you this defense can learn to feed off of Mario, thats another very good thing to see and look foward to. We still obviously have some work to do defensively, and let's just give it time, it will continue to get better as will our offense.

    Another thing I mentioned yesterday (Sunday) I would like to reitteriate is just the fact that our first three games, two of which were at home, against strong teams in this leauge, we were struggling to even compete. Now, we went into New York, and played a tough Giants team down to the wire. This is a strong indication that our Houston Texans are indeed improving. Kubiak and the staff know what they are doing, we have the right weapons in place on both sides of the ball, and yes, the future for us is bright.

    The next challenge for us is now to play our third consecutive road game, as we head down to Jacksonville to do battle with another very tough team in Jacksonville who is coming off two big wins. This will be a tremendous challenge for our football team.

    I will say this, if we play Jacksonville the way we played New York, I really, really like our chances. This is a huge oppurtunity for us. WE can earn a huge upset win, sweep Jacksonville for the second time in our franchise history, and earn our first road win in over a year. Again though, Jacksonville is an extremely good football team, and this will be another true test for our Texans.

    I will post an Outline of Jacksonville Wednesday since I already posted a Big Preview of them as we played them arleady this season.

    My Keys to Success post will be issued Thursday.

    Let's continue to be supportive fans, our Houston Texans are certianly coming through, and guys- the future is bright.

    GO TEXANS:gotexans1
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    I think J'vill will want to clean our clocks. If we sweep them, they will have hard time keepng here heads up. I just want to see good effort from our guys and consistency. A win would also be nice.
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    I liked what I saw yesterday, except for the run defense, but as you said, we have a lot of young guys who are gaining experience. I think we will beat the Jaguars, but we have to stop the run first and then play back a lil...but not enough to get comfortable in the secondary. Mario is starting to get doubleteams which should free up Peak, Babin, or Weaver and they should take advantage of that. However, Travis Johnson still hasn't grown on me, and so far hasn't done much to prove me wrong. (should've gotten Derrick Johnson) but hey, s**t happens. Hopefully we can average more than two yards rushing this week and David can continue to find the open man. I was surprised that we came out with 5 reciever sets yesterday, but it ended up being a pretty good strategy, as David found the open guys. That should've opened up the running game, but we didn't take advantage of it, I hope it'll work this week though.

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