My Longest Thread Ever Took 4 hours

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by HouSportsWriter, Feb 24, 2012.

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    Took 4 hours looking up every thing.

    Round 1 Pick 26
    Mohamed Sanu, WR
    After watching Sanu highlights. I looked for three things.
    1.Speed ~ A+ ~ This guy is fast. I would love to see him run past the the defence, and open up A.Johnson
    2.Hands ~ A- ~ After watching highlights. I noticed how he will go up and grab it, and I like how he protects the ball.
    3.Route Running ~ B ~ I can not give 100% to his route running, but he does get open with ease in this video.

    I have been a huge Kendall Wright fan. That is before I started to think of how he will fit in with the playcalling.
    Kendall Wright is the A.Johnson type player. That would be great if we did not Have A.Johnson. I am one of many texans fans,
    who want to cut Jacoby Jones. The thing is Jacoby Jones is the guy that should be able to take stress off A.Johnson. The idea of haveing
    some one who can acctualy catch. Would be amazing Jacoby Jones is fast, but that is all he has. If we plan to go all the way
    to the superbowl. We need to to find someone with these attributes

    1.Hands ~ This is the part that Jacoby Jones lacks.
    2.Speed ~ The idea of being open, and haveing the ability to catch go together. Something J.Jones never understood!
    3.Blocking ~ This is key if we have A.Foster / B.Tate on our team, so our widerecivers will have to be able to block.

    My compairson to Sanu is D.Jackson.

    1.Both are very quick.
    2.Both have playmakeing abiltys.

    The key with drafting a wideout for me is, if someone has one thing going for him go for the one who has the other ability

    for example

    Tall And Big/Medium And AVG Size
    AVG speed/ Great speed
    Playmaker/Standout player


    A.Johnson is Tall And Big/ AVG Speed / Playmaker

    M.Sanu is medium and AVG Size/Great speed/ Standout Player

    M.Sanu would be ideal since. He would cause the opposing defence to lay off the double coverage, and that would help A.Johnson break free and be the playmaker he truely is.
    M.Sanu would become the standout player that the rivels defence would have to watch for cause of his hands and breakaway speed.

    Arian foster and Ben Tate would help because of Play Action,

    for example.

    In the past years Owen Danials alone would pick up a great number of yards. With the help of the play action passing.

    Just keep this in mind. I will recap my picks at the end.

    Round 2 Pick 58
    Philip Blake, C
    This guy is a beast 6-2 312 pounds helped open the runing game for baylor, and was
    a great pass protecter the only thing is. He may have a hard time with our O-line. I heard
    from freinds that I know, and from reading. That he would be the best fit in the power blocking

    What I look for in a center is and ranked

    1,Size ~ A ~ I like C.Myers but he is to small I would like some one biger.
    2.Dominince ~ B+ ~ he would do good if he learns the scheme
    3.upside ~ B ~ allways a upside


    None - Since I do not know. How he will do with our scheme.

    Round 3 Pick 89
    Nick Jean-Baptiste, DT/NT
    He seems to have good feet he is 6-1 an 335 pounds, but the thing i love the most about the
    highlights is he never seems to give up, and he is allways in the pile. He seems to be able
    to stop the run, and I can see him with a bit of coaching.he has a great chance to
    become a even greater pass rusher. It also helps hes a texas resident grew up in Texas and went to baylor.

    I love the fact that can get to the QB. He made four sacks, and 8 tackles for a loss
    Just think what he could do for our D-line. The idea of haveing a DT that, can bullrush
    it would be amazing.

    The attributes I would look for in a DT plus, and I will rank!

    1. Size ~ B+ ~ I do not want a small DT. The biger the DT the beter the passrush.
    2. motor ~ B ~ We need some one, who can play with energy, and wont slowdown
    3. upside ~ A+ ~ I can see him start game one. He is going to be able to help the defence in no time

    My compairson

    H.Ngata from Baltmore. He is allways ranked one of the best DT in the league, but i see that the upside for
    Nick Jean-Baptiste could be very close to his calaber, if wade can help him grow.

    Round 4 Pick 121
    Brandon Boykin, CB
    If B.Boykin is still on the boards. I would not take a chance to pass him up. He is very
    good on punt and kick returns. That would be a huge plus since. I see us droping J,Jones.
    He may not be a first round pick, but he has playmaker writen all over him.
    Plus its a bonus when we have a corner who can actualy tackle. If you ask me I would take
    A chance I can see him doing beter then K.Jackson just because he can tackle.

    The Attributes I would look for in a corner plus and i will rank.
    1. Speed ~ A ~ If he can run back kick returns like he did in college
    2. Tackleing ~ B+ ~ This is allways a plus since we hit a dry patch in some games
    3. Awarness ~ B+ ~ Every corner must have this.
    4. Coverage ~ C+ ~ Needs work

    My compairson for Brandon Boykin is.

    P.Peterson CB Cardnals First round pick / pick #5 2011

    Both have the awarness to be a game changer on eather defence or S.Teams.
    but there will most likely not be a pro bowl for B.Boykin in his rookie season.

    Round 5 Pick 153
    Art Forst, G/OT
    This is my project pick he is 6-8 310 pounds he was injured last year and missed
    two games. this is why he fell to the 5th round every one wants to keep there QB
    healthy and its a Plus that he can play both G and OT this guy has the size and
    the chance to become great

    What I look for in a Guard is, and ranked
    1.Size ~ A+ ~ one word *huge*
    2,room for improvment ~ A- ~ like i said he is a project


    Who ever the best G or OT in the NFL is because of the upside.

    Round 6 Pick 184
    Lance Dunbar, RB
    This guy has all the upside. He rushed for 1115 yards and 10 touchdowns. He basicly
    took the team on his back, and ran he had hardly any help I can see a foster sized
    chip on his shoulder. Just for the fact he led his team, and yet hes a 6th round pick
    went to collage at North Texas, So we should have easy contact with him so that
    helps. He also ran for 313 yards, and 4 touchdowns in his final game.

    What i look for in a runningback is and ranked.
    1. Speed ~ B- ~ hes not the fastest but he can work on that
    2. Upside ~ A+ ~ He just got to work hard and he may make it.


    Arian Foster

    He may be a stud that justs needs to be pollished, and who would be better to study under then foster his self.

    Round 7 pick 217
    Randy Bullock, K
    training camp face


    with this draft this is how i will see the team


    3.L.Dunbar- 6th round pick
    2.M.Sanu- 1st round pick
    2.A.Forst- pick 5
    3.A.Forst- pick 5
    2.A.Forst- pick 5
    3.A.Forst- pick 5
    1.C.Myers - could be P.Blake
    2.P.Blake - 2 round pick

    1.N.Jean-Baptiste- 3rd round pick
    1.K.Jackson - maby Brandon Boykin 4th round pick
    2.B.Boykin- 4th round pick
    2.B.Boykin-4th round pick

    Round 1 Pick 26
    Mohamed Sanu, WR

    A much better version of Jacoby Jones. Who can actualy catch and help A.johnson stretch the field.

    starts day one

    Round 2 Pick 58
    Philip Blake, C
    He should be able to start day one if need be. It also helps that myers is a free agent.

    May start day one!

    Round 3 Pick 89
    Nick Jean-Baptiste, DT/NT
    This would be a huge upgrade.

    Starts day one

    Round 4 Pick 121
    Brandon Boykin, CB
    May start day one depending on preseason performance!

    Round 5 Pick 153
    Art Forst, G/OT
    A solid prospect that will start in 2 - 3 years if lucky.

    Round 6 Pick 184
    Lance Dunbar, RB
    May get a play here in there. He will be a upgrade over ward,

    Round 7 pick 217
    Randy Bullock, K
    training camp face that gets cut.
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    Nice post but i don't understand why so many people say that we shouldn't draft a big WR and have to draft a small, speedy guy just cause we already have Andre or that we have to draft a WR that is the polar opposite of him. We should draft the best guy available, plain and simple.

    I did enjoy the post though, good job.
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    Melbourne, Australia

    first off great to see the work you put in but there are some issues.

    Sanu's main weakness is his speed. he may have good top end speed but it takes a while for him to get there.

    this is why you see him not getting open.
    its not because of his route running (which i think is actually quite good for a guy who hasn't played WR for long) its because it lacks explosion and separation skills.

    To compare him to D.Jackson from the eagles i think is wrong.
    jackson is a smaller reciever who is a downfield playmaker with great acceleration and speed. (his more like wright then sanu, even though wright is probably more like percy harvin i think)

    Kendall Wright is certainly not a similar player to AJ. AJ is your do it all, big body BEAST FREAK of nature, which kendall wright isn't. wright will predominately be used out of the slot and going on streaks for that big play.

    I understand by watching Sanu on youtube or some game footage you can get the impersion of speed. but his main trouble is his initial burst and you can see that if you look a little closer.

    I like Sanu but there are people on this board and "expert" analysis that don't like him because of his speed and/or acceleration troubles.

    sorry about going on such a long post there but it had to be mentioned.

    other then that though i do like your mock it addressed several positions of need with good prospects. Im really starting to like the NJB (NT). a few others guys have been hot on him for a while. he could fit really well
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    In the "Control Room"
    You forgot the FB position (Casey and Vickers).

    As far as the draft itself, I'm not sure Sanu will go in the 1st. Some have him that high but others have him dropping. This is due to his speed issue and getting separation. If he runs well at the Combine he could go in the 1st about where the Texans are picking. I like some of your other picks (Blake, Jean-Baptiste, Boykin, and even Bullock in the 7th), I just don't think the Texans will pick those positions where you have them picking. A lot depends on what happens in FA though, so I guess your draft is just as plausible as anyone's draft.
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    My gosh "Lonesome Dove" wasn't this long .

    I like your ideas but I might do it a bit different .

    WR ... If I can't get a big WR with speed in the first then maybe I'd go with Wright but I think the other Wright , Adams , or Levy ( I think that's the Fresno guy ) can be had in the 4th .

    G/C ... Myers is not the weak spot the guards need depth and upgrading .

    NG ... I like this a bunch because the league will play the Texans different next year . A big NG will throw a kink into that .

    Can't have to many CBs .

    More OL depth can't hurt .

    RB ... bye Ward .

    K ... hmmm ... I could go with that to pair with Hartmann for the future .
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    Repped for putting together the ideas.
  8. Texn4life

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    I don't agree with much of what you have here, but kudos for taking the time to put it all together.

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