My Keys to Victory: vs. Dallas

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Oct 12, 2006.

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    Our Houston Texans will make the trip to Dallas on Sunday to do battle with a very good football team and our rival, the Dallas Cowboys.

    I look foward to a physical, hard fought game on both sides. Both teams know this is a big game for their teams, and we will certainly get the Cowboys top effort to say the least, espically coming off a tough road loss to Philly.

    Again however, this is a big game for our troops as well. We are coming off our bye week, trying to put together a winning streak and have some more succces this season.

    The following is what I believe our Texans must do in order to have success against the Dallas Cowboys Sunday and even get the Win...

    -Establish a run game early. This has been the number one priority on my list in just about every game so far this season for our Texans. This is very crutail in football itself, and espically crutail in order for our-type of offense to have more success. Running the ball allows us to control the clock, it opens up the downfiled passing game and much more. I thought Ronnie Dayne had a few nice runs last game vs. Miami and picked up some solid yards here and there, but it is still not where we want it to be. I look for Samkon Gado and even Wali Lundy to only get better for us in the future.

    -Pressure Cowboys QB Drew Bledose. Drew Bledose is obviously very athletic, but tends to be immobile. We espically seen these when the Cowboys took on Philly last week and Philly got their fair share of sacks on Bledsoe. They also forced him out of the pocket and the result was bad throws by Bledsoe. However, if we blitz and do not get to him, that will be bad for our backend to hold their coverage, so it will be intresting to see what happens. I think we obviously need to send the heavy blitzes early alteast a couple times.

    -Reduce our penalties. We have had 2 straight home games and getting ready to go on the road, and are coming off of a bye week. That seems to be the recipe to commit silly, small yet costly penalties espically in a loud stadium like the dome in Dallas. We have a little experience this year of playing in loud stadiums, as we already travled to the RCA Dome in Indy. We need to play sound and try to prevent flase starts, enchronchments on defense, and other small penalties that teams often tend to commit in loud opposing stadiums.

    If we do some of the things I listed above and play a complete game, we defintely have a shot Sunday going up against the tough Dallas Cowboys.

    This is a very big game for our troops as well, and I think the players will be pumped for the fact that it is a rivarly as well.

    Cheer us on fans, be nice to see some Texans fans there, as I'm sure they're will be. Cheer us on at home as well, as I'm sure you will as I will defintely be!


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