My Keys to the game: vs. Philadelphia

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Sep 7, 2006.

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    Our Houston Texans start a new era this Sunday as we host the Philadelphia Eagles in Reliant Stadium. This will be opening week in the NFL.

    Our boys are obviously motivated, they are excited, determined and hungry for success. Everything in training camp, preseason, practice, etc has come down to this Sunday.

    The Eagles are the most winning team over the past 5 years in the National Football Leauge despite a rather off year last season with many injuries and the Terrell Owens saga. They look fresh and very ready to return to their winning ways this season.

    The following are what I think our Houston Texans need to do to have success and get the W this Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles:

    -Solid run game. This is very crutail, espically with our new offense. It is important we establish a good run-game early and have one consistently thru the game. This will help us pick up solid yardage at a time, control the clock and open up the play-action passes and bootlegs. Wali Lundy is the starter although Vernand Morency will get some carries and Ron Dayne may even see some action. Wali Lundy has showed us alot in pre-season and hopefully this will carry over into the regular season, as it should. Vernand Morency looks to be stepping up this year and he can be a key contributer in the run game. Ron Dayne was a big signing for us, he brings leadership and experience to this club and I look for him to may a little impact as well Sunday if he sees some time.

    -Big Defensive Plays. This defense has alot to proove this Sunday. They are young and have switched to the 4-3. This D has shown good things in the pre-season and again, this should carry over into the regular season. It looks like we are becoming a good run-defense espically. The only thing that concerns me with such a young defense is stepping up and making big plays on 3rd down and getting off the field. This will be crutial, epsically when playing against such a good offense in Philadelphia where you need to take every oppurtunity to end their drive and get off the field. I think we will make these big plays, as we do have leadership on D as well with D-Rob, Peek, etc.

    -Sound Special Teams. This is obviously a very under-rater product in this game. We need to show solid, fundamentaly sound special teams. Chad Stanley should excute his punts nicely as we have seen him do, hopefully Kris Brown will have success with the FG's for us and he should, and we do not commit penalties on Special Teams that may hurt us. Our coach Gary Kubiak is a firm believe that Special teams are key. Hopefulyl we get a solid performance out of this unti come Sunday.

    Im getting more and more pumped and excited about the opener and tsrat of a new-era for our Houston Texans this Sunday. It will be a big test early as we take on Philly!

    Cheer us on more than ever fans whether at home, at the game or wherever. Make some noise like never before! This is a fresh start, and a year in which we can have alot of success. :redtowel:

    Remember when I said last year when we were going thru some tougher times, stick with us thru these times and it will make the good times feel that much better...well here come the good times!!!

    :redtowel: GO TEXANS!:redtowel:
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    Put the drugs down and get into rehab NOW!!:francis:
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    You made some good points. I think some things I would like to add are.

    * Rookies: Must not make rookie mistakes. Lundy, Spencer, and DeMeco have a lot of pressure put on their shoulders. I hope they're ready. (Yes, I know we have more rookies starting then them, but I think those are the most important.)

    * Penalties: These have been killing us in the preseason. I'm sure it has been focused on in practice.

    * 3rd down: I don't know how many of you have noticed, but we have not been converting on 3rd down very well at all. This must change.

    * Turnovers: With a rookie at RB, and a QB that has not looked comfortable in the pocket; this could end up being our undoing.
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    The #1 key to this game for the Texans will be Spencer at LT against the Eagles RE Darren Howard.

    If Spencer doesn't step up against Howard, Carr is going to be in for a long day and the run game will give up a bunch of TFLs.
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    I agree a solid running game is key, but it makes even harder to establish that when defenses don't respect the passing game regardless of what the Texans do running the football. Which where I think they are at right now. I don't think there is a defensive coorindator in the league that is concerned about the Texans passing game compared to other teams in the league.

    The Texans have to start getting the ball downfield several times a game, an incompletion is fine as long it shows they will do it and that they can make it happen. Passing the ball downfield is like shots on goal in hockey, the more you get in a game, the better chances of success.

    My key to the game offensively is passing the ball downfield 15 (preferably 20) plus yards several times a quarter, with an occasional long ball mixed in for good measure.

    They got to start using the entire field and streching the defense out. Right now, it seems like defenses are playing 15 yards or so from the line of scrimmage.
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    All teams need to do this.

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