My Keys to The Game: vs. Indianapolis

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Sep 15, 2006.

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    Our Houston Texans will have another big challenge Sunday, as we travel to Indianapolis, Indiana to battle the high-powered Indianapolis Colts in their house, the very loud RCA Dome.

    I believe with every challenge comes an oppurtunity. This is a big challenge and a big oppurtunity. I think this game is good for our team, it will only make us stronger in the future. I'm excited about this upcoming game.

    The following are what I feel our Houston Texans need to do in order to have success and even pull out the W this Sunday against Indianapolis...

    -Establish running game early. Running the ball in this leauge is extremely crutail. You have to be able to have an effective run game in order to have a productive offense. This is espically true with our offense this year, which involves alot of play-action and bootleg type passes. In order for the opposing team to bite, they have to think your running the ball obviously, and they know you will not run the ball if you are not having success with it. We had a poor run game last week against Philiadelphia, but I look for it to improve this week as Wali Lundy should step up as he now has a game of NFL regular-season experience, Ron Dayne is a veteran and I expect some good things from him if he gets touches, and Samkon Gado is a great back who really fits our system well and should have success with any touches he gets. I feel the run game this week will improve as we now have 3-pretty solid backs. Running the ball is espically important against this Colts squad as it chews time, keep their offense of the field, etc.

    -Block out the crowd noise. The RCA Dome is obviously a very tough place to play in the NFL, mainly because of the overwhelming noise from their fans as it rattles the dome. I give their fans credit, they play a big roll in making it easier for Indianapolis at home. I feel we have some young players on our team who may not be used to this type of noise. We did insert some noise into our practice this week, that is good. I feel we need to make some big plays, espically early in this game, and possibly quiet that place down some. Overcoming the noise level in Indianapolis is a big part of the game, and I look for us to do so Sunday with effort, concentration and excecution.

    -Contain the Colts offense. I say the word ''contain'' becuase not many teams can stop the Indianapolis Colts' offense. I do feel our defense has the capability to contain them however. We can do this through fundamentals even. Make tackles on the recievers after they catch it, do not allow for many YAC yards (Yards After Catch). Same with their running backs, if you touch him, tackle him. Let's try and prevent them from gaining every yard we can.

    Again, this will be a tremendous challenge for our Houston Texans. We are coming off a loss, but I look for us to bounce back this week by fighting with pride, as we should, showing determination and alot of effort. We will find more out about our team with each game this season.

    I leave it with this: NEVER under estimate the capability of our Houston Texans. We have pulled of our fair share of upsets in the past, and this game vs. Indy Sunday will just be a tremendous challenge for our team.

    Cheer us on fans, whether at the RCA Dome, at home watching/listening to the game or whever, make some noise!

    GO TEXANS:francis:
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    Your very right about the fact that we need to establish the run. It also keeps our defense off the field, and shortens the game.

    The only thing that comes to mind that I didn't see mentioned was putting pressure on Manning. I don't think we will be able to allow him to just sit back there and pick us apart like McNabb did.

    I know this is a very basic key to winning but I really feel that we cannot afford turnovers in this game. We almost have to play perfect all game.


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