My Keys to Success: vs. Oakland

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Nov 30, 2006.

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    Our Houston Texans will travel to Oakland, California this approaching Sunday for another raod game and anohter tough test for our football team.

    Our Texans have had some success this season, but can certainly have more. We are currently 3-8 with 5 games remaining and as I said in my Monday post, I look for us to fight hard each of thse last 5 games and play clean football.

    It starts this game as we preare to battle the Oakland Raiders in their house, never an easy task with the enviroment they have down their and they're outstanding fans. The Raiders are underrated I believe, they do have some good talent on their team and have one of the best defenses in the NFL stat wise, so a big test for our Texans.

    The following is what I believe our Texans must do in order to have success vs. Oakland Sunday...

    -Take some shots deep offensively in the passing game. We did not do very much of this at all last week against the Jets, and it cost us some. The Raiders have a defense which just challenges you and plays alot of man, and they tend to be very intimidating so I look for us to challenge them with the deep ball early on Sunday. These big passing plays early also can set the tone for the game and can really get drives going and I look for us to try some of this Sunday.

    -Solid play defensively. The past several weeks, our defense has really played well. We gave up a good amount of plays and points ot the Jets last week however, but mainly because our offense failed to do much and they may have gotten tired, but a solid defense performance this week is obviously key. The Raiders rank at the bottom in terms of total offense, but also have their playmakers like Ranyd Moss who still has that ability to take over a game, so I look for our defense to be on their toes this week.

    -Reduce Turnovers. Like I metioned above, I challenge our team to play clean football these last 5 games, and that includes reducing turnovers, espically in road games. We have been doing a descent job of this recently, but still have those one or two turnovers in the game that at times cost us, and good teams don't turn the ball over at all on the road, and that's hwat I look for us to start doing. Really, if we dont turn the ball over this game we should certainly have a chance.

    Again, we have 5 games left I still think we can go on a run and can have more success this season. It starts this Sunday with a tough game in Oakland, I look for us to play physical, smart football.

    Cheer us on Sunday fans whether in Oakland for the game (be safe if you are) or cheering us home at home or at the local bar.

    GO TEXANS!:gotexans1
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    I'm pretty sure that you nailed it one the head when you wrote this part. I love reading your posts every week, and I hope it continues through the season. If the Texans could play an 'honest' football game, I'd be completely stoked. I'm just tired of the ridiculous turnovers. Game on, my friends.

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    Hit Moulds more. This will open up Dre, who will eventually be left one-on-one because you are hitting Moulds.

    The offensive line has to hold this week. Reduced sacks and hurries.

    The defense has to really step up, too, almost in all facets of the game.

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