My Keys To Success: vs. New York Jets

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Nov 23, 2006.

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    Our Houston Texans will head up north to New York this Sunday in attempt to put a tough loss behind them as they will do battle with the Jets.

    This will be a tough challenge for our team, but with every challenge comes an oppurtunity. Our last road game we played very well in against Jacksonville, and it would be nice to see us put 2 straight road wins together in a tough environment the Jets have.

    The Jets are a very solid football team, they sit at 5-5 on the year and have defeated the New England Patriots. The following is what I believe our Texans need to do in order to have success Sunday and get the win...

    -Make big plays offensively. We have seen in the past that those big, 30 or 40 yard plays we pull out on offense really get us going and we then usually get points out of those drives. You will have your chances against the Jets to make some big plays offensively, so I look for us to do that.

    -Pressure QB Chad Pennington. Pennington is not a very mobile quaterback, and you can really get him rattled when applying pressure. If you sit back all day and give him time to throw, he is smart enough to pick you apart and has the accuracy to hit covered WRs. We need to send some pressure at him early and get him rattled and uncomfortable in that pocket.

    -Reduce turnovers. We have certainly had our costly turnovers in the past. Just to list a couple examples, when playing the Giants, on the last drive of the game for us we had a fumble right when we were moving the ball down the field which led to our loss, and last week against Buffalo right before halftime inside the 5, another very costly turnover. We have been getting better recently at protecting the ball for most of the game, and this will obviously be crucial when playing a tough Jets team on the road.

    Again, this will be a big challenge for our Texans, but also a big oppurtunity. We will see if this team has grown up enough to put two solid back-to-back road performances together and play clean football.

    It would also be nice to see us play hard again and put that tough loss against Buffalo last week behind us, which I really think we will, I've seen us do that many times in the past.

    Cheer us on Sunday fans, be nice to see some Texan fans in New York, and if watching at home or at the local bar, make some noise and support our Texans!

    GO TEXANS:gotexans1

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