My Keys to Success: vs. New England

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Dec 14, 2006.

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    Our Houston Texans are one day closer to doing battle with the superve New England Patriots this Sunday, in thier house at Foxboro.

    I keep saying this and its obvious, this game's going to be a tremendous challenge for our Texans squad. Anytime you play the Patriots its obviously going to be a tough game, and we're playing in their house with their great noisy fans that really disrupt things for the opposing team. Also, they will not be happy after getting handed a shutout loss last game to Miami and, even more motivation for the Patriots is a win over us Sunday clinches them the AFC East title.

    For our Houston Texans, will still have alot on the line the final three games of this season. By winning out, shall that happen, we would tie our franchise best record at 7-9 which would obviously be tremendous accomplishment this year, we can also knock of the New England Patriots which is always something to brag about and with each of these remaining 3 games we can have our young rookies gain more experience, which is key for the future. We can still have success this season.

    It starts with this tough game. The following is what I believe our Houston Texans need to do in order to have success Sunday in New England...

    -Solid defensive play. Our defense has really played well the past several weeks for us, although we did have some breakdowns last week versus Tennessee on some big plays. When your going up against such a top offense such as the Patriots, your defense better play thier best game. They have some many weapons in both the passing and running game. I look for our defense to bend but not break Sunday as we have done in the past, meaning we allow a little, but batten down in key situations. We obviously really need a good performance from the D Sunday to have a chance.

    -Solid run game. We have ran the ball effictively the past couple games and it has helped our offense out greatly. Running the ball is key in the offensive scheme we occupy, as I have said before. It is also even more important when your passing game struggles at times, as ours does. Againt the tough Patriots' Linebackers, running the ball wont be easy but if we can get it going it will obviously be a major plus. I look for us to give alot of touches to Mr. Ronnie Dayne who has played outstanding these last two games, and also Wali Lundy to get involved some to try to throw at them (the Patriots) two different styles of runners.

    -Play disciplined football. It's really dissipointing I'm still putting this up here at the season's homestretch, but it has hurt us at times on both sides of the ball. For example, flase starts on offense that back us up 5 yards which our offesne just can't afford, holding penalties, then on defense jumping offsides, having neatrul zone infractions, just silly, small penalites that really hurt you. I look for us to put tremendous emphazise on this in practice this week, you just cant have these against the Patriots, it will kill you. Also, im referring to turnovers when I say we need to play disciplined. These havent killed us in the past couple games, but have in the past. You cant turn the ball over or commit costly penalites when playing a great team like the New England Patriots, espically in their house.

    Guys, no doubt this will be a tough game, a tough challenge, for our football team. However like I said before, with every challenge comes an oppurtunity and boy do we have one in front of us this week.

    Cheer us on greatly Sunday fans- be tremendous to see some Texan jerseys in the stands at Foxboro, but also cheer for us at home as I'm sure you do.

    GO TEXANS :gotexans1
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    I don't want to be rude, but you could've probably reposted the same keys to success for every game we've played so far.:shades:
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    If we establish a consistent run game, then we'll win the game. Can be 3.5-4 yards a carry, as long as they have to respect the run game then David and the boys will take care of the rest. The Pats really only have Samuel who's good, so if Dre can beat him and David connect we'll win. Moulds should have a big game. Matt Light was getting owned by Jason Taylor last week so his confidence could be shaken, where Mario and the boys can hopefully take advantage and put Brady down early and often. Just keep hitting him.
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    Dude, come on! Give me a break! Better Luck Next year, no one wants to read this at this point!! :shoot:
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