My Keys to Success: vs. Jacksonville

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    Our Houston Texans will do battle with the 5-3 Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday in their house, Alltell Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida.

    This, again, will be a big game for our Houston Texans as we have an oppurtunity to sweep the Jags, win our first road game since December 2004, surpass our win total from last year and head into our first home game in awhile with some momentum. However, when facing a tough team like Jacksonville, nothing is easy.

    The following is what I believe our Texans must do in order to have success Sunday vs. Jacksonville...

    -Establish run game. This is very important for our team and espically this game. As we already know, a solid run game established early means a better pass game as it opens it up more. This is huge for our offense. Also, we Know first hand how a good run game can lead to a good win for us, espically against Jacksonville. When we played them a few weeks back, Lundy ran for over 100 yards I believe and it opened up alot mroe for our offense. I did noT use this as one of my keys to the game last week against New York as we had benn running in pretty well, but we laft some yards on the field that game so we should get it going again for this week.

    -Contain Jaguars QB David Garrard. We faced Byron Leftwhich last time we played them, now we Garrard. Garrard may very well be the better QB of the two. He can make plays with both his arm and legs and is very dangerous for opposing defenses. We seen what this type of QB can do against us when we played Vince Young in Tennessee. If the play breaks down he can certainly sprint 20 yards up field. He can pick apart your coverage with his arm. I hightly doubt many teams can flat out stop this guy, so you just have to try and contain him form having a monster game. This is obviously a huge key.

    -Reduced Penalties. It seems week in week out I stress this, but only because it is so crutial, espically the silly ones we tend to commit. Jumping offsides, having false stars, illegal substituions, that type of thing is really unacceptable even if you are playing on the road. This is part of becoming a better road team which we obviously need to do, preventing small yet costly penalties. If we play a pretty clean game from a penality stand point, I think you will certainly see the difference.

    Three fairly simple keys, but they are much easier said than done. Jacksonville is pretty strong up front, so Lundy will certianly have his work cut out for him getting the run game going.

    Again, this is another big game for our Texan troops, I'm already getting excited about it as I'm sure you are as well. Another thing is this is game 1 of the second half of the season, and I still really feel we are going to have success this season.

    Cheer us on fans through the last of our 3 game road stand, we will return home to Reliant shortly, hopefully after sweeping these Jags, which will not be an easy task.

    GO TEXANS!:gotexans1

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