My Keys to Success: vs. Buffalo

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Nov 16, 2006.

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    Our Houston Texans will get a home game for the first time in the last 3 games as we play host to the tough Buffalo Bills this Sunday.

    This is another big game for our Houston Texans as we need to put consistency together in the win column. We are improving alot in many areas this year, and it will certainly be nice to get a string of wins going.

    The Bills are a better team than their record indicates. They have lost 6 games, but 4 of those 6 have been very close. They only lost to the Colts last week by 1 in Indianapolis, so they can certianly play with the best of them. They have an outstanding defense, so this will be a challenge for our Texans.

    The following is what I believe our Texans must do in order to have success and get the win this Sunday against Buffalo...

    -Pressure Bills QB JP Losman. JP Losman is continuing to struggle with Buffalo and he's under fire to keep his job. He tries to make to much happen, forces alot, and the Bills have a weak offensive line. These are all major things to take advantage offand send pressure at Losman, force him to make quick decisions, throw before he wants to, etc. This is something we need to do, and I think we will.

    -Reduce turnovers. We have been doing this very well these last couple games, but we know how big turnovers can kill us in these types of games. An example is when we played Tennessee and it was a very big game for us, alot of people were expecting us to win, and we really should off, but we turned the ball over way to much and it killed us. We need to continue protect the ball this game, loosing because of fundamental turnovers would be unacceptable.

    -Good play from Special Teams. This sounds simple, but we have been struggling some in this department lately. Kris Brown has missed some FG's, Chad Stanley has boched a few punts, and they cost us points and field posistion that can really come back to haunt you. I think both Kris and Chad are good players and I look for them to bounce back this week with solid performances. This is another small area that we can't afford to have working against us Sunday, and I dont think it will.

    I'm looking foward to a hard-fought game by both teams, hopefully we can stay healthy, we obviously do not need any more injuries after last week.

    This is a big game for our Texans, we are playing some good football latley and I really think we have something going. We can have alot more success this season.

    Cheer us on like never before fans, this is a huge game and we are back home!
    GO TEXANS :gotexans1
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    Last time we played them, we made JP look like John Elway.

    How good is the Buffalo pass rush, are they aggresive?

    I really hope we dont play down to the competition this week, I think hands down we got more talent than them in all facets.

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