My Keys to Second Half Success: vs. Tennessee

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Oct 29, 2006.

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    Our Houston Texans trail the Tennessee Titans at halftime 14-3. The Texans will start the second half recieving the football.

    Our Texans are doing many bad things in the first half of this game, and I look for us to do the following in order to have success and get back in position to win this football game against Tennessee...

    -Stop the dumb mistakes. We have played very carless thus far in the first half of this game. We are being penalized too often, not doing the fundamental things like when Edell Shepard fair caught the ball at the 3, and I look for us to really sharpen up in the second half of this football game.

    -David Carr needs to play better. David does not look like himself today. He was intercepted once when throwing to Andre Johnson who had 4 defenders around him, this is just unacceptable. He also fumbled the ball right before the half and Tennessee ran it all the way back, this is also unacceptable. I look to see the better side of David Carr in the second half of this football game.

    -Get back into this game mentaly. It looks like we really came out flat, under-estimating the Titans perhaps, and hopefully this is our wakeup call. We need to come out the second half pumped and pissed.

    Again, we trail at haltime 14-3. If we do the things I listed above, we should get back in this football game. This is a huge game. It would really say alot if we could come out of the second half and make some plays.

    It's not over, continue to cheer us on fans.


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